March New Moon Empowerment Reading Circle – Register by 3/19

Wolf Creek Path Spring 2013The New Moon is a great time to set intentions for what you would like to create in the month ahead.  This March New Moon is especially powerful as it is also the first day of spring and a solar eclipse!

New Moon Empowerment Circle readings are pre-recorded and offer a thematic call for all those participating.  Each person receives a personal reading (no names are used so privacy is maintained) as well as benefiting from the messages shared for others as the recording is designed to be a cohesive reading for everyone participating.  There is energy balancing, an opening and closing intuitive message for the group, along with the individual messages.

Here are what some of the prior participants have had to say about this type of reading experience…

“I love my reading!  I get the sense that magic is all around and had quite a revelatory day yesterday.” 

“I loved it! I’ve been really trying to just let go and go with the flow of things and not worry about what happens next. So many things resonated in the reading for me.   Thank you!!” 

“The last Empowerment Circle reading you did for me was awesome!!  I Also benefited from reading number 1 on that recording.  Thanks!!!!”
“I just finished listening to the Circle.. WOW…. I was in tears and my heart was soaring at the same time.  I have always wanted to know if I did have a spirit guide or my Angel near me. I know now that I do have an Angel and what comfort it bring me. Still trying to figure out the meaning of me having all the tools.. I know it will all come with PRAYER and me starting to be quite enough to listen.”

To Register

The last day to sign up for this empowerment circle reading is Thursday 3/19.  Recordings will be sent out on Friday 3/20.  Love Exchange is $22.  You can sign up here:  New Moon Empowerment Circle Reading 
Have a great day!

About Spirit Earth Coaching LLC

Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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    There is a lot going on with this New Moon! Here are the details if you’d like some intuitive input!

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