Metaphor and Letting Go

waterfallAs many of you know, I love metaphor.  I was an English major in college and I was fascinated by the layers of meaning in what I read.  When I encountered Joseph Campbell in 2000, I was so excited to read his observations about myth and how those stories reflect the stories that play out in our lives.

In my life today, my work is all about metaphor. When I ask for guidance for someone, most often I am shown a little “story” – a metaphor for what is happening in their life from a spiritual perspective.  The image is symbolic and my job is to unravel the symbols to find the meaning.

Last night, metaphor came to visit in a big and very blatant way.

In my own personal experience, I have been going through the end of a phase of my life. On one level, it is the end of my time as a mother to a little child.  My son’s journey into adulthood brings with it the opportunity to move into a new role with him, but as with all new beginnings, the ending that occurs requires its due.  The other ending is in aspects of my personality and relationships which have been tied to my South Node.  I’ve mentioned the book Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller before and that is what I’m referring to with South Node.  I’ve found myself using that book quite a lot to understand myself (and those I work with), what I’m here to learn, and also what vehicle I am driving to live my life purpose.  Even though the book is written about the North Node aspect in the astrological chart, I have actually found what it shares about my horoscope sign (sun sign) to resonate incredibly well with what I am experiencing of myself.  All of this has shown me quite clearly that those old patterns of how I relate to others and myself are at an end.  This too, then is another ending, and also requires its due.

With all of this going on, I am repeatedly guided to let go of the deeply repressed emotions that I have done my best to ignore.  Apparently, as last night’s metaphor confirmed, I have finally reached the needed inner commitment to let the repressed emotions flow!

Yesterday, I’d listened to a couple of CD’s by Jill Mattson called Healing Flower Symphonies.  The music is created to bring the healing properties of the Bach Flower remedies to the emotional self.  The way it is designed is to help release any of the unpleasant aspects of the emotion and then replace it with its positive aspect.  While listening, I had some releasing occur, but it wasn’t until later on that it really came to the surface bringing lots of spontaneous crying and deep emotional purging.

And this brings me back to the topic of metaphor and last night’s experience.  Around 2 AM, I was having a dream about a gateway or door I was trying to open.  As I reached out to turn the handle and pull open the door, I apparently also opened the stopper on the hot water bottle I was sleeping with.  Moments later, I awoke to warm water pouring over me and soaking into the bed!

After a great deal of disorientation and frantic scrambling to clean up the mess, I found myself laughing.  What a beautiful metaphor and message to my conscious self!  I had finally figured out how to open the door to all the emotions that had been held down.  The floodgates were open and the warm relief of knowing it was all finally being let go washed over me.

So, if you too have repressed emotions that you are ready to release – or if you are in a stage of life when it is time to grief what is over so you can embrace what is new – you might want to check out the Healing Flower Symphonies by Jill Mattson.  They certainly worked for me!

With much love and gratitude,


PS.  If you’d like some insight into how the Astrology for the Soul information can help you gain insights into who you are, send me an email. I have been doing 30 and 60 minute sessions for those in my community working with their North Node and Sun Sign this month, and the insights have been fascinating.

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5 thoughts on “Metaphor and Letting Go

  1. Reblogged this on everyday goddess community and commented:
    Here’s an especially timely and fitting one from my goddess sister friend Nancy Nicholas. Fits perfectly with last night’s–soul-blessing music post, letting go, and gentle laughter in the ah-ha and move through… Have a beautiful day. We are in a divine and grace-fueled flow …

  2. Nancy, Your experience is amazing! What a message!
    A beautiful release-open to the new.

    I too was a college English major and have been fascinated by myth and by words.

    I also love finding such “coincidences” as the same letters rearranged spell significantly different words…..or are they significantly related words?

    Ex. Listen/Silent

    Enjoying the language with you!
    Barb Hribar

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