Mother Earth Empowerment Retreat – 8/24

Join me as we come together to raise our vibration and empower Mother Earth!

Consciousness Vortex and labyrinth

We have all heard about the environmental crises occurring in our world.  We know about global warming, pesticides, the rain forests disappearing and the polluted oceans.  And these are just a few of the issues facing our planet. None of us wants to see our natural resources plundered or our home destroyed, but often we feel powerless to do anything to stop it.  At this event, we are taking back our power by shifting from focusing on what scares us to what we love!  Together we will be connecting to our deep love for Mother Earth and pouring this love into the Earth energy vortex centers found at the Blessed Foundation, impacting the collective unconscious through the energy grids of the planet.    I will be joined by two very talented guests – Katie Young (writer/director of The Graceful Descent) and Kathleen Calby (vibrational healing with crystal and metal singing bowls) who will be sharing their unique gifts to help us heal ourselves and the earth.

Event Details

When:  Sunday, August 24th from 5 – 9:00 PM; Optional private sessions will be during the afternoon before the retreat.

Where: The Blessed Foundation, Medina, OH

At this event you will…

  • Katie YoungBe inspired and entertained (Katie has a great sense of humor!) through the viewing of the documentary The Graceful Descent with creator, Katie Young who will be available to answer questions and provide simple steps you can take to start living more in tune with the Earth.  To learn more about Katie and this remarkable film visit:  The Graceful Descent


  • Connect with the energy centers found at the Blessed Foundation to empower our intentions and healing through a guided labyrinth walk and  meditation at the consciousness vortex with Nancy Nicholas.
    Waterfall Nancy Nicholas Ireland

    Intuitive Life Coach, Nancy Nicholas

    To learn more about intuitive life coaching and Nancy Nicholas:  Crossroads Coaching


  • Kathleen Calby

    Kathleen Calby

    Experience vibrational healing and empowerment while listening to a singing bowls concert played by Kathleen Calby.  To learn more about singing bowls and Kathleen Calby visit:  Re-Sounding Joy



  • Support the Blessed Foundation, a public charity, which protects and shares this very sacred ground which features eleven naturally occurring energy vortex centers and three labyrinths.  To learn more about John and Dee Curci and the Blessed Foundation visit:  The Blessed Foundation
    first chakra blessed Foundation

    Grounds of the Blessed Foundation, Medina, Ohio

Love Exchange for the Retreat:  $44/person or $35/person when you register with a friend; Profits from this event will be donated to the Blessed Foundation to support the caretaking of this sacred natural space. 

Registration:  UPDATE:  This event is close to being full, so please email Nancy first before purchasing your spot.  Thank you!  Private sessions still have availability and can be purchased below.   Last day to sign up is Wednesday 8/20/2014.  Use the link below to register.  Email Nancy Nicholas ( for questions.

Individual:  Mother Earth Empowerment Retreat – $44

With a Friend:  Mother Earth Empowerment Retreat – $35

Come Early and experience the deeply relaxing and healing vibration of the singing bowls through a personal session!

Kathleen did a private session for me and it was amazing!  I can only imagine that experiencing it on the grounds of the Blessed  Foundation will make it even more healing.  She has agreed to do a limited number of private 30 minute sessions prior to the retreat in the afternoon (and one is already gone because I’m having one!).   I am so excited to share this experience with all of you and have a whole day dedicated to raising the vibration of Mother Earth through the power of sound!  Sessions will be conducted at the Kairos retreat house between 12 and 5 PM) which is centered on two powerful earth energy vortex spots (seventh chakra and a consciousness vortex).   The grounds feature two additional labyrinths and 22 acres of trails which you can enjoy prior to the retreat.  You are also welcome to bring a dinner picnic to enjoy on the grounds between your session and the main event.  Love Exchange:  $44/30 minute session.  Use the PayPal link below to purchase your session.

Purchase Private Singing Bowls Session

Questions about the retreat?  Email me!

Love to all!





About Spirit Earth Coaching LLC

Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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