Transforming Fear

I saw a whole nest of snakes this spring. Snakes are a symbol of deep transformation, so call in some snake medicine to help you shed the old and step into the new!

I know many of you are going through major life transitions right now (me too!), and while we all get that these changes are ultimately for our good, the process can be challenging while you are in it!  Below is a technique I used after my good friend suggested I actually physically write down what I was afraid of.  It actually really did help me connect with my emotions (instead of repressing them) and change my focus to what I would rather experience going forward.  Below are the directions in case you’d like to try it too!

Technique for Transforming Fear

1.  Make a list of everything you are feeling afraid of right now.  Do this with paper and pencil rather than a computer if you can and use a fresh sheet of paper.  Be sure to really dig deep on this.  I find I don’t want to write any “I am” statements with fear coming after, so I just started my list with “Things I’m worried about…” and then started each sentence with “that.”

2.  As emotions come up, take a few moments to sit with your feelings. Cry, yell, or do whatever is needed so the feelings are completely heard. Be kind to yourself.  Fear is no fun!  I find holding my hands on my forehead is also helpful (Donna Eden – Triple Warmer technique), as this will keep blood coming to the frontal lobe of the brain and help ease the fear energy.

3.  When your list is complete, select the first item on the list.  What would a positive affirmation be for this worry?  Focus on what you would love to see happen, and on a new sheet of paper, write the positive affirmation. Remember these can be specific or broad affirmations.  Just be sure that when you read it, you feel good! Continue this process for the rest of the items on your list.

4.  Take the paper with the original list of fears and find some matches. If you can do this outside, that would be great!  Take a few minutes to connect with the Earth and say a little prayer.  Safely burn the list and as you do repeat, “Thank you Angels for transforming my fears into love!”  

5. Type up your list of positive affirmations and print it out.  Read it every morning (or more often if you need to) to keep your focus on what you want to create.   Be sure to ask yourself after each affirmation, how does this statement make me feel?  If you aren’t feeling anything, then you need to find a different affirmation. Find one that brings you relief and opens your heart.

Need help with the affirmations?  I’m a huge fan of Louise Hay and also Florence Scovel Shinn.

Below are a few of the positive affirmations that I came up with (many are adapted from Florence Scovel Shinn).  Feel free to use them or adapt them to fit your circumstances!

Nancy’s Affirmations

“The Divine plan for my life now comes to pass and I love every part of it!”

“My emotions are my friends!”

“My loved ones are Divinely guided in all they think, say and do and they are always protected by Angels.”

“I deserve only love, joy and abundance and I graciously allow myself to receive it!”

“The Light of Christ streams through every cell in my body and I give thanks for my radiant health and the radiant health of those I love.” 

“I am grounded and peaceful, trusting that all change is good change, and my future is one of joy!”

And if all else fails, ask yourself…

“What would Donna Eden do?”

She’s my happiness guru and just thinking of her changes my energy in the right direction!  You can find lots of Energy Medicine tips and enjoy Donna’s joyous energy on You Tube.  Using Energy Medicine is a great way to start shifting from fear to love.  Here is a link to “Heaven Rushing In” with Donna in Chicago:  Heaven Rushing In

Sending lots of love to all!


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