Morning Musing – Guidance For Your Day (Whatever Day You Come Upon This!)

RiverThe Vision

I am sitting on the bank of a river.  I watch at my feet as a snake slides through the sun-kissed water.  My eyes are drawn to the sky where I see a hawk flying overhead.  I become the hawk and see the river far below.  Its shape is like the snake, curving gently as it winds through the valley below.  At its mouth, the snake’s jaw seems to open wide, pouring the water into the vastness of the ocean beyond.


Snakes have been a long time phobia for me and I’ve spent the last fourteen years letting go of this fear.  They have come forward in my life every time there is a need for rebirth and often drastic change.  Though the change it brings is often challenging, ultimately, it has been a change for the better.  As I feel this image, I feel the need to be like the hawk and to see from a vaster viewpoint.  The symbol of ocean for me is connected with God-consciousness – the Divine collection of all the drops of water or souls who come together in this infinite space.  The snake is pouring out all of those journeying into the vastness of the great “I AM.”  We are moving out of our limited consciousness and into a more expanded way of being.  snake


When I see the snake swimming by my foot, I feel a wave of fear.  What if it bites me or what if I had been walking and hadn’t seen it there?  When I am the hawk, I feel no fear about the course the snake follows.  I can see how it is moving in the direction it needs to go.  As with the real snake, the only danger of experiencing pain with the snake would be if I intentionally stepped into its path. All of this speaks to me of letting go of the need to control the changes going on in my life. Like the river, the direction and path are already created.  My role is to simply follow where the water leads.  So for today, I will stop trying to predict where things are going or to force things to happen.  For today, I will act only when I feel called to act and spend the rest of the time enjoying the cool breeze, the warm sun, and the gently flowing water moving through the lush green world around me.

Ocean Longboat KeyI pray it is so, and so it is….

Love and blessings to all!


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