Insights from the Retreat – How to Manifest from Love

Sanctuary Lily LogoI have been practicing manifesting from love, instead of taking action based on fears.  Last Saturday was the Sacred Circles Spring Retreat.  The retreat went really smoothly and brought together a great group of people at the perfect time to have a transformational experience.  This was a wonderful confirmation for me, as my intention was to put into practice the concept we’d be teaching at the event.  The idea is to shift from a survival based approach to living.  In our world, we typically begin with a fear (or underlying worry), then jump to taking action to counter the fear.  I believe we are moving into a new age where the rules of fear based living don’t work well.  To manifest in this new vibrational reality, we must begin with love, seek out wisdom about the best way to proceed, and then take inspired action on the wisdom we are given.

I found this experience to offer deep learning.  It was amazing to see how fear could sneak into the process and how things would freeze up the minute it did.  It was also so beautiful to see how well things worked when I kept my heart centered on what I really would love to see happen and kept letting go of the fears.   As I feel this is the process we all need to work with in this new vibrational reality, I thought it might be helpful to share a few insights from my experience.

Reflections on the Process

Create only from love:  I found that it took some deep work to really catch all the places where I was letting fear of lack get into the process of creating.  I spent a lot of time working with affirmations and letting go of agendas, so I could truly keep the focus on teaching this technique of manifesting (both to myself and those who came to the event). Addressing and working through those fears not only led to this amazing event, it also helped me to clear some false ideas about how things really work.  Releasing fears and trusting the process helped to strengthen the muscles of this new way of functioning.

Remember to work with Divine Timing:  Initially, we were going to have the event in March.  I was really disappointed when I kept getting the message that we needed to wait until April.  How perfect though that we ended up with a date that fell at the end of the Great Cardinal Cross week.  The energies were primed for a truly transformational experience.  Deep and permanent shifts were open to the participants and it was so gratifying to watch them making these shifts!

Trust in Divine Order:  I have created many events and one thing that I have learned is that those who are meant to be there are always there.  The groups that were formed for yesterday’s event were no exception.  The needs of individual participants dove-tailed so well in the small groups and really beautiful connecting and support were created as a result.

Remember to Accept Support:  Not only did this experience bring so many confirmations of the support and guidance from my Spiritual Guides and Angels, but it also brought support from my wonderful colleagues, Kathleen, Deb, and Jana, as well as the kindness of those who came and even the loved ones who helped behind the scenes.  Survival based living can be a very isolating experience.  When we open to living a life motivated by love, we find ourselves surrounded by others who offer love.  Allowing myself to receive this was one of the greatest gifts of this whole process.

Below are some of the affirmations I adapted from Florence Scovel Shinn (The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn) which really helped me stay focused on what I wanted to create.  Feel free to adapt them for whatever you wish to manifest (you can change out “event” for relationship, job, health challenge, etc.).

“I give thanks that the walls of resistance fall down around this event and all lack, limitation, and failure are wiped out of my consciousness.”

 “All doors now open for happy surprises and the Divine plan for this event is speeded up with grace.”

 “All people I seek are now seeking me.”

 “Only love enters this event and only love is shared.”

 “The Divine Design of this event now comes to pass.”

 “This retreat now fills the place that it can fill and nothing else can fill.  It allows me to do what I can do and no one else can do.”

 “I give thanks that this event registration is now filled by the right people for the right price, giving perfect satisfaction and fulfillment for all involved.”

Wishing you all great joy as you practice this new way of creating!

Happy spring!







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