Morning Musings – Guidance for Your Day (Whatever day you come upon it!)

I asked for guidance this morning and thought I’d share what came through.  I hope you find it helpful!

Butterfly on pink flower

The Vision…

I see a butterfly pinned to a corkboard.  The butterfly begins to twitch and then its wings open, pushing out the pins.  It lifts off into a beautiful blue sky.


In Ted Andrew’s Animal Speak Pocket Guide, he says of butterflies, “New Birth:  New love and joy are coming.  Transformation is inevitable but will be easier than expected.  Embrace the new beginnings.”  The fact that the butterfly starts out pinned to a corkboard as if it is part of a science project is interesting to me.  What does it mean that my joy and transformation is something pinned up to be studied?  The fact that the butterfly comes to life suggests that while I have done a lot of work learning about how to live in love, perhaps I am now ready to actually begin living it.


Today, I will remember that I am already evolved into a creature able to live from love. I will allow myself to fully embrace this new reality and open my arms to bright skies and new horizons!  As Louise Hay says on the I Can Do It calendar for this date, “Today, I trust that my future is in good hands.” Remembering this allows me to fully be present in the joy of today.

I pray it is so, and so it is!

Have a beautiful day filled with blue skies and unbounded happiness!



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