March 2014 – News, Events, Inspiration!


March 2014

Wow!  We actually made it through February without freezing to death (though it was touch and go for my poor toes off and on).  Check out some inspiration and news to empower you this month as we wrap up winter and move into spring. 

New Rates for Readings

I’ve made some changes in my rate structure as part of my simplifying and streamlining process.  Empowerment reading rates are now $75/hour; $45/half hour for everyone.  My community members will be able to take advantage of exclusive special offers each month instead of having a set discounted rate (March’s Member Special Offer is 20% off a one hour empowerment reading).  Also, for those of you who are new to my services – you can still experience an empowerment reading for a new client special rate of $25/25 minutes.  You can learn more and purchase here:  How to Get Started

Events This Month

 3/9/2014:  Living Fear Free Empowerment Call (7-8PM EST)

As I’ve shared a lot recently, I believe we are in the process of evolving as a species.  To do this, we need to rewire our operating mechanism.  Instead of looking around to see what there is to be afraid of so that we can protect ourselves and survive, I feel we are learning how to connect with our deeper self and discover what we love.  As we connect with love, we raise our vibration and therefore no longer attract things that threaten our survival.  The collective unconscious is filled with programming that says this type of thinking is dangerous, but is it really?  For this call, we’ll be connecting with our Angels and Spirit Guides to get some support in helping to move closer to the goal of living fear free.  I’ll also be sharing some tools and techniques to support you in this process.  For the second half of the call, those present will have a chance to ask questions and I will do oracle card readings for those who request it (as many as time allows).  The first half of the call will be recorded and the link shared after the event.  Non-Members – $15; Members – Free:  Register and Learn More here: Empowerment Calls

3/19/2014 (Registration deadline):  March Empowerment Circle – Manifesting Prosperity

Money is one of the topics that can quickly move us into a fear state.  We look at the potential for “not having enough” and begin to strategize on how to keep ourselves secure.  Does this work though?  In the world we live in now, I am finding this approach to push away the security we seek.  Why?  Because we are trying to create something with a foundation of fear.  For this call, I’ll be asking for guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you see what is going on in your own relationship with money and financial security.  I’ll share what guidance comes through along with some affirmations and other strategies you can use to move from fear to love in your relationship with money. The Empowerment Circle recording includes: Brief Prayer and Group Intuitive Message, Individual Intuitive Messages and Interpretation, and an Intention setting meditation to manifest what you wish to experience.  All readings are done anonymously (you will be told the number of your reading) and each message will have gifts for all listening.  An oracle card will also be shared at the end of the call for the group.  Cost is $15. You can learn more and register at this link:  Empowerment Circles 

Featured Spiritual Tools

This month, I will be working with a fabulous book recommended to me by one of my community members (thank you Angie!).  I’ve been using the affirmations quite a bit and will be writing more on ways to use them that work for me (and hopefully will for you) throughout March.  I highly recommend it!  You can find it at the link below…

Wisdom of Florence

 The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn

Earth Magic 

Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer

I asked for guidance for this month and here is the card that fell out:

Crystals“Focus:  It is time to bring your complete focus to the subject of your inquiry. Eliminate all distractions, and give this your undivided attention.  Whether this is a project, relationship, or simply a relaxing time spent walking in Nature, be fully present to the situation. This sharpening of focus will expand your awareness and allow your inner guidance to penetrate your consciousness, which can then be parlayed into appropriate action.   By being focused with crystal clarity, you are in the flow of your life force and, in fact, have become one with it.  It is not a hyper vigilant or tension-filled state, but one of relaxed attention.  Keep your eyes, ears and heart focused on that which you need to pay attention to, and miracles can be created.  To paraphrase a fictional elder, “Use the Force,” and use it in life-enhancing ways.”

Audio Resource Shared from the Membership Community Archives

I feel we are all working with redefining power/masculine energy in ourselves.   This six minute recording I created for my community members offers a meditation to help you integrate balanced masculine energy into your system.

Integrating Power/Masculine Essence

Creating Community

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February community graphic 2014

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Have a wonderful month!


About Spirit Earth Coaching LLC

Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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  1. Reblogged this on The everyday goddess and commented:
    Hello gifted goddesses!
    This edition from Nancy Nicholas inspires me! And I’m sharing because her Empowerment Call on March 9 is on “Living Fear-Free” and her March Empowerment Circle is on “Manifesting Prosperity”…both close to our hearts, health, and souls.
    If you saw my “Living Less Complicated” post yesterday (, you know emotions and how they work have been more of interest lately. Love and fear are both powerful. Our media and social structures, though, teach and use a lot of fear on us…
    I’ll be on Nancy’s call March 9. Join me. I love her spirit and all she does to empower and inspire all of us. – Anne

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