Trusting the Inner Child

I went for a polarity therapy session with my dear friend Polly last week.  I work with Polly once a month and it is always an empowering experience.  This last session led to an understanding about my inner child which was truly mind-blowing.  Instead of the vulnerable, sweet, needy child-self that I have thought belonged to me all of my life, what came through as I connected was a wise, powerful, all-knowing being who held the knowledge of how to function in this new vibrational plane we live in.  The message I received was that the inner child had been hidden behind emotional constructs waiting until the day would arrive when we lived in a vibrational world that this self knew how to operate in.  It was as if this aspect of the psyche held the DNA for the new species we are evolving into.  

I do believe we are in the midst of evolving, though I suppose this is always true.  After all, life demands constant change as we learn to adapt to our world.  I feel though this is a most significant shift – A move from operating from the fear-centered aspect of the brain, to using the frontal lobe which is motivated by love.  Based on this last week’s session, it seems the inner child is the one who holds the key to all of this.  

So what does this mean?  Take a moment to connect with your true inner child and imagine that she is the one, not the adult self, who has all the answers.  Imagine that the child is the part of us that knows how to live from love, to follow love, and to trust love.  Imagine this child is strong and confident, not in need of your adult protection.  What happens when the inner self becomes the wise and sturdy part? 

For me, it means the outer part can finally relax.  I can let myself laugh more, love more, and enjoy life more.  It also means that I can trust this inner child to guide me when I consciously don’t have the answers.  I can trust that I hold within me the part that knows how to create whatever I choose to experience, so I can finally experience my life as something joyful.

At first, this idea completely threw me.  To view my inner child in this way went against a lifetime of perceiving the inner child as the weak link in my chain mail.  But on reflection, it makes perfect sense that the opposite is actually true.  After all, didn’t Jesus say that you must be as a child to get through the gates of Heaven?  And isn’t it true that children are the ones who know how to live in the moment, to laugh, to cry, to freely express who they are without self-editing?  Aren’t they the ones who are resilient, letting life roll along without holding on tightly?  Isn’t that the only way to live from love?

What a beautiful thing to know that is who we are too!  I find just saying “I trust my inner child” sends a whole ripple of energy through my being, lightening and brightening my sense of self. What a relief!

I invite you to spend some time getting to know your own inner child as she exists beyond the emotional constructs where we have hidden her. See what it feels like when this strong, wise self comes to life in the core of you.  I am excited to see what comes from this shift in me and in us all.

Much love to you all!




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4 thoughts on “Trusting the Inner Child

  1. Nancy, I love this last post. It resonated with me and allowed me to realize that I haven’t yet shifted my perception of my own inner child and that it’s time to do so. Thank you for shedding light on this paradigm: It was as though there was an elephant in my room and I hardly noticed it until you called attention to it.

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