How to Raise Your Vibration this winter season!

Last night, I hosted a call with my dear friend and mentor, Jaap Van Etten.  It was part of my Raise Your Vibration-Become Divinely You Program.  As I was thinking about the call this morning, I went back to my first career of teaching.  I taught elementary school for eighteen years.  One of the techniques we used was to come up with a focus question for what the children were intended to learn.  The lesson would then include the sharing of information, the modeling of application of the information, and then opportunities for the children to practice on their own.  Looking back at last night’s call, I felt this technique would be helpful to really summarize what I learned last night.  

Focus Question:  How can I raise my vibration to become Divinely me this winter?

Invoke Divine support by connecting with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael  

Jaap shared that Archangel Gabriel brings a connection to the element of air and the mental body.  He helps us to connect to our higher mind, so we are able to come from love in our thinking.  Archangel Michael brings a connection to the element of fire and the spiritual body.  This spark helps to inspire new ideas and inspiration to be born in the spring.

Connect with my deepest self by going within  

Jaap reminded us that when we come into harmony with the natural cycles of life, we are called to honor that winter is the time for introspection and retreat.  Making time for meditation and quiet reflection allows the opportunity to review what has occurred and understand what changes are needed.

Receive the love coming to me

Jaap reminded us that we live in an abundant Universe and part of the process of raising our vibration is clearing away the fears that block us from receiving the love coming to us.  It is also about taking the time to really love and appreciate who we are.  By going with in and taking time to reflect, we are able to receive the wisdom and love available to us.

Breathe deeply

The opportunity to connect with the element of air occurs every time we breathe in.  Jaap shared the importance of paying attention to your breathing to consciously bring in the winds of change.  It reminded me that this time of year it is easy to become stagnant, breathing shallowly and not moving enough.  By connecting with the element of air, we can move out the old and bring in the new!

Bend without breaking

This learning came not from the knowledge shared, but from the experience of the call itself.  We had a few technological glitches during the call requiring me to shift gears and improvise.  It reminded me that this too is an aspect of winter.  That which becomes brittle and stiff breaks off.  Letting go of rigid thought patterns or holding to agendas doesn’t allow change to occur.  Being flexible allows things to be molded by the hand of the Divine in the highest and best way, something we often can’t see from our perspective.

In conclusion, I have written the following affirmation for myself to help me stay focused on my intention.   Feel free to borrow it or come up with one of your own!

I gratefully receive the love and support of Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael, connecting with love to my highest self, breathing deeply, and flowing with the changes new life brings.

 Wishing you all a peaceful and insightful winter season!




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