Trust Your Intuition – Weekly Message and News 12/15/2013

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 Hinckley Lake 2013

Nature-Speak Oracle card from Ted Andrews – Elm – “Trust Intuition.” 

A Note from Nancy

I have been doing many sessions with people who are becoming increasingly clear about who they are and why they are here.  Sometimes this process is challenging, as fears about letting go of defense mechanisms and thought patterns rise up.  One of the things I’ve heard over and over from my spiritual support team is no matter what the question, the answer is always the same – to love.  It sounds trite, but try it this week.  If your back is hurting, trying putting your hand on your back and telling it how much you love and appreciate it.  If your loved one frustrates you, spend a moment focusing on how much you love them and want them to find peace.  I’ve been told that what we love is irrelevant.  It is the act of choosing love that brings peace and healing to our systems.  Love is life force and when it is flowing, we feel healthy and empowered.  If you are having one of those times when you can’t find anything that you want to love, then go outside.  The Earth is so intricate and beautiful.  Let yourself take a moment to marvel and the complex, yet simple, world we live in.  Try hugging a tree or sitting on the ground and just observing.  Nature offers much to love and be grateful for.

Wishing you all a deeply peaceful and love-filled week!


Weekly Guidance

Guidance for the week ahead:  The Nature-Speak Oracle (Ted Andrews): Elm – Trust Intuition (reversed):  “There are things you are not seeing or do not want to see around you.  You are ignoring the signs and your own instincts.  If you continue, situations will become more complicate and convoluted.  Do not make any major decisions at this time.  Do not allow others to pressure you into choices.  If you are not comfortable with them, that is a signal to delay or to decline.  Assert your will.” 

This Week

12/18/2013:  Last day to register for the December Empowerment Call

December Empowerment Circle – Manifest Transformation:  Registration deadline is Wednesday 12/18/2013: Description December’s Focus is Manifestation.  For this month’s empowerment circle, the focus will be to manifest transformation in some area of your life.  I’ll be using the Tarot of Transformation cards (Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori) along with sharing whatever I pick up intuitively for you during this reading.  These cards combine spiritual and psychotherapeutic traditions and are really a powerful tool!  The recording will be done anonymously (you’ll be told the number of your reading) and all messages will have gifts for all listening.  An intention setting meditation will be done at the end of the session and an Angel oracle card will be shared for the group. Cost is $12/Soul Friend Community Members; $15/Non-Members.  You can learn more and register at this link:  Empowerment Circles

2014 Manifest Your Dreams Empowerment Readings –  Special rate of $10 off for a 30 or 60 minute reading good through 12/24/2013.  This can be purchased for yourself or as a gift certificate for a loved one.  The most important step in bringing your dreams to fruition is setting a clear intention for what you wish to manifest.  For this empowerment reading, we will begin by asking for intuitive guidance in the form of a metaphor/vision to help you get clear on what you wish to create.  Then we will work together to set a clear intention for 2014 and invoke Divine support to bring it into being.  I will also share any energetic or coaching tools that seem relevant to empower you to manifest your intention.  I’ll finish with a two card reading from The Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori which offers a multidimensional approach incorporating the work of Psychotherapist Carl Jung along with other modalities.   30 Minute Readings or Gift Certificates:  $35/30 minutes or $65/60 Minutes (Members) and $50/30 minutes or $80/60 Minutes for non-members.  To purchase, email me and I’ll send you a PayPal link.

Ways to Keep Informed

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Interested in working with Nancy?  I offer a $25/25 minute empowerment reading or a $10 Empowerment Circle reading for new clients.  Learn more about what I do and how to sign up here:  How to Get Started

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Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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