Being Real – Courage Required!

MP900262642“What the world needs now is for each of us to be who we truly are, and to bring our gifts into the world. Don’t hold back any longer. Be Present. Be You. That is enough.  Really it is.”  Nancy Bishop

I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to share on my blogs or Facebook lately.  I am an introvert by nature and putting myself out there in a public way isn’t easy for me sometimes, especially when I am feeling a bit vulnerable.  I have spent the last few months really coming into alignment with my North Node (spiritual path/authenticity) which means I have had to change a lot of things in myself and in the way that self is expressed.  One of the things that I have learned is that it is vital for my well-being and happiness to have safe places to share what I am experiencing and going through. That is a big reason why I created my soul friends community and Sanctuary at the Crossroads (my virtual retreat).  It gives me a group of people I trust and who trust me to become the most authentic version of myself I can be.  

I think we all need that safe space to learn how to become who we are.  We all have learned to live in the world by playing different roles.  When we are in a role that everyone knows, we fit in and can function with the whole.  We know what the rules are and how we are supposed to behave.  I feel we are going through a shift vibrationally that is making playing roles that aren’t in alignment with our North Node almost like having an allergy.  It becomes intolerable for all aspects of ourselves and we are forced to change.  

This brings us to the title of this post.  Being real takes courage.  It isn’t easy to step fully into who you are when the people around you are expecting you to be who you have been.  And yet, what magic occurs when we do!  When we are able to look beyond the loss of those who no longer resonate with our truth and see all the beauty of those who are drawn into our world as a result of our having the courage to be true to ourselves, then we are able to see that being real is worth it.  That safe space comes into being because we begin to resonate with our truth and our truth creates around us the perfect environment to support our growth and unfoldment.  We find our home and our family. 

This morning, I heard my Angels say that my virtual retreat, Sanctuary at the Crossroads, is meant to become a playground.  This playground offers a safe, protected space where people can explore, play, and try new things that empower them to be who they are.  By filling it with those who resonate with who I am, it also offers companions who genuinely want to be real and for those they connect with to be real too.  Our world doesn’t offer a lot of places yet where the whole purpose is just for everyone to be WHO THEY ARE.  That is what I want to create…for myself as much as for anyone else.  Let’s all just commit to doing what is ours to do.  As Joseph Campbell said, “The greatest privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  I believe it is time we fully take advantage of this privilege.  After all, it is the very best gift we can give our world.

Love to all!


PS. If you are interested in learning more about your north node, I highly recommend the book Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.  I have been using it myself and with clients a lot lately and it is amazingly on target for giving insights about who we are in this lifetime and what will work for us and what will not.



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