Claiming Your Energetic Space

This month, the key word is “protection” and one of the best means of protecting ourselves is claiming our energetic space.  Here is a technique working with Angelic support that I have found to be really effective.  You can use this for any space you are heading into during the day or for your home.  It is also really helpful if you are going to be in a situation that may become tense or confrontational.   

Claiming Your Energetic Space

Set the intention for how you want to feel (harmonious, safe, happy, relaxed, etc).

Ask the Angels to go forth into the space and TRANSFORM and TRANSMUTE all chaotic and disruptive energies into streams of harmonious vibrations.

Ask the Angels to continue to monitor the environment(s) so they are in harmony with your system at all times.  Invoke this for all environments you will be in (including the car or plane if you are traveling).

Ask Archangel Michael to set up your energetic system in the highest and best way to allow you to be comfortable and safe in the environments you are in.

Give Archangel Michael permission to adjust your energy system as needed to keep you comfortable and safe throughout your day.

Intend that you will experience what you have requested.  Release and trust you will be guided to make it so.

Have a wonderful day!


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4 thoughts on “Claiming Your Energetic Space

  1. Will do! I need the angels to protect my space and channel positive energy! Thanks for sending this to me. J

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