Weekly Bulletin for 10/28/2013

 Ocean Longboat Key

Nature-Speak Oracle card from Ted Andrews – Beaches:  “Healing and Balance”


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A Note from Nancy

Do you feel like the same person you did at the beginning of the month?  I don’t!  I have been really working on coming more into alignment with my North Node (Authentic Self/Soul Purpose) this month.  I went for a walk the other day and realized that I feel completely different then I did a month ago!  While the process of letting go of old identity patterns and beliefs has been sad and challenging at times, I am so grateful to be moving into a more peaceful space within my own being.  We are getting there! 

Below are some news, events and the weekly Nature-Speak (Ted Andrews) message.  I hope you find it helpful! 

Love to you all!


Weekly Guidance


Guidance for the week ahead:  The Nature-Speak Oracle (Ted Andrews): Beach:  Healing and Balance:  “As you pursue new endeavors, make sure that you stay balanced.  Stay grounded and healing and creativity will unfold in a much more productive manner.”

Weekly Events

Monday 10/28:  Lightworker Mentoring Group – 6:45 PM Conference Call Line

Thursday 10/31:  Last day for the $10 off a 30 minute North Node Reading (Members Rate:  $35 instead of $45; Non-Members:  $50 instead of $60)


November Soul Friends Empowerment Call – Protection with Special Guest Qi Gong Instructor Pilar Farnsworth (11/10 at 7PM EST):  November’s theme is protection, so I have invited a special guest for the recorded portion of the empowerment call this month.  Pilar Farnsworth is going to share a Qi Gong technique that purifies the energies in the five major organs using sound.  We will be doing this with her (all on lecture mode, so you won’t have to feel self-conscious about making the sounds while everyone can hear you!).  She shared this at the end of the free Qi Gong intro and it is a really powerful technique to protect and cleanse your organs!    After she shares this wonderful technique, I will be pulling oracle cards and giving intuitive insight as usual for the last half of the call.  Sanctuary Soul Friends Membership participants are free.  Non-members can register here ($15):  Empowerment Calls

October Empowerment Circle – Healthy Relationships!:  Registration deadline is Wednesday 11/13/2013: Description November’s Focus is “Protection.”  For this month’s empowerment circle, the focus will be on how to establish healthy boundaries with those we are in relationships with to empower more loving, kind connections with others.  I’ll be asking for Divine guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides about what tools and techniques would be most helpful for you to empower energetically balanced and loving relationships.   The recording will be done anonymously (you’ll be told the number of your reading) and all messages will have gifts for all listening.  An intention setting meditation will be done at the end of the session and an Angel oracle card will be shared for the group. Cost is $12/Soul Friend Community Members; $15/Non-Members.  You can learn more and register at this link:  Empowerment Circles 

Soul Purpose/North Node Empowerment Readings –  Special rate of $35/30 minute reading for community members and $50/30 minutes for non-members good through 10/31/2013.  I’ll be sharing from the book, Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.  For this reading, I’ll share a little bit about your North Node based on what intuitively seems most important for you at this time; I’ll provide a personalized intuitive message focusing on what is relevant for you right now; and I’ll finish with an Angel Oracle Card Reading for you.  To purchase, email me your birth date and I’ll send you a PayPal link.

Inspirational Posts

Grow your Gifts Meditation:  Support from Mother Earth (Nancy Nicholas)

Morning Musing Meditation (Nancy Nicholas)

 Ways to Connect

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Empowerment Reading Special Offer through 10/31/2013:  $10 off a 30 minute North Node Reading.  Email me at Nancy@EmpoweringLightworkers.com


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Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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