Love Yourself Whole

What if you loved yourself so much that you never chose to think, say or do anything that wasn’t for your highest and best good?  What if your loved ones chose the same thing?  What would our world look like then?

I find it interesting that when I ponder these questions, I sense an unease in me.  Wouldn’t that mean that people would be selfish and only caring for themselves?  This question points to the problem for our human collective.  We have it built into the collective unconscious that loving oneself isn’t good for others.

Is that true though? 

If I love myself and only do that which is highest and best for me, isn’t that also highest and best for you?  When we are in a state of love, we are connected to the highest version of ourselves.  We are connected to the Divine and the vibrational resonance where energy flows easily through our being.  We are in balance.  So how can my being in the state of love in regards to my own well-being be anything but a good thing for others?

It can’t be.

I’m making a new promise to myself, starting right now.  It is my intention to love myself unconditionally and choose only that which is for my highest and best good.  That means choosing to eat what my body really needs, instead of listening to the millions of opinions about what that should be.  It means I choose to maintain my boundaries, so I only give when I am able to do in a healthy way.  It means I choose to sleep when I’m tired, exercise regularly to keep my body strong, spend time in nature every day, and connect with others in ways that are nurturing to me. I choose to listen to myself, trust myself, and love myself whole.

I invite you to take this pledge with me today.  Together, let’s show our children and our world that love really is the answer to every question.  Let’s show them, by showing ourselves, what it is like to live a life where we feel truly loved, not only by others and by the Divine, but by ourselves.

Wishing you abundant blessings!


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