Shifting to the Higher Mind

Have you been finding it difficult to keep a positive frame of mind?  If so, you aren’t alone. As we are now in a period where we are no longer able to hold on to false identities or beliefs about ourselves, there is an increasing pressure to choose a higher point of view.  Below are a few things I am finding helpful. I hope they help you too!

Smile:  Simple, I know, but it really works!  I was having a challenging day last week and I went for a walk.  I made a commitment to myself to keep smiling through the whole walk, even though I felt no interest in doing so.  After the walk was complete, my mood had totally changed!  So now when I start to worry, I encourage myself to smile. It seems impossible to worry and smile at the same time!

Shift your focus:  It occurred to me that when I feel something physically off, I always think I am repressing an emotion.  I immediately begin searching the negative feelings that could be stored there.  Then it occurred to me, perhaps I should shift my focus.  What positive emotion is being repressed?  Instead of sadness, I connect with joy. Instead of anger, I connect with inner peace.  I am finding that this works to relieve the symptom more quickly than trying to bring up the negative emotion.

Rephrase things:  I have started using a new phrase with myself and my loved ones.  Typically, when I find myself worrying, I feel afraid I will be unable to handle my emotional reaction to the situation that is concerning me (for those of us who are empathic/highly sensitive, emotions can sometimes be overwhelming).  Lately, I have started rephrasing this.  For example I say to myself, “I can handle the emotions I am feeling right now with ease.  My emotions are here to help me and I process them with ease.”  I also use this with my loved ones, reminding myself that they can handle whatever it is they are choosing to learn at this time.  When I rephrase my thoughts to see the other person and myself as capable, I find my anxiety leaves.

I believe we are in the process of retraining our brain to work from the frontal lobes (love centered thinking) instead of the back of the brain (fear based thinking).  As we consciously choose to come from love, we strengthen this shift.  With practice, I believe it will be easier and easier to stay in a positive frame of mind.

Wishing you a beautiful, loved-centered day!


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