Create Your Own Yoga Mudras to Empower!

Are you ready to move from fear to love?  I wanted to share a technique that I am finding enormously helpful.  One of my favorite types of energy therapy is something called Jin Shin Jyutsu.  It is often compared to acupuncture without the needles.  This Japanese developed system helps to connect the energy lines of the body to restore health and well-being.  During our August Sanctuary Summer Series event, Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) practitioner, Donna Tkachyk, shared a simple technique using the hands to balance our system.  Not long after, I had a vision in which I was guided by Archangel Raphael to assign meaning to my different fingers and the palms of my hands to help me focus on my life purpose and intention for myself.  I’ve been using this system to create yoga mudras that help me stay focused on my intention of coming from love.

The process is a little too complicated to share in a blog post, but I do have a simple version to share with you.  Donna told us that the five fingers are associated with different emotions in JSJ.  When you hold these fingers, you help to shift the emotion into its positive form.  Here is a brief summary…

Thumb – Worry

Index Finger – Fear

Middle Finger – Anger

Ring Finger – Sadness

Little Finger – Trying to

In my vision, I was told to assign the positive expression to each finger.  On my left hand, I had a statement for each finger connected to something I have learned that helps to shift this emotional state and restore balance.  For example, sadness can be shifted by nurturing myself and fear can be shifted by empowering myself to only do that which is mine to do.  These are personal to my particular life path and personality, so I have found that others I have done this with have different word focuses for each.  On the right hand, each finger was associated with a single word that I use to remind me of who I really am, not who I am when I am afraid.  For example, the little finger was associated with being dependable.  The ring finger had the quality of kindness.  Again, this is more of a personal system, but hopefully you get the idea.

A simplified version would be to switch the original list to the positive or higher consciousness emotion. The new list is:

Thumb – Trust

Index Finger – Love

Middle Finger – Power

Ring Finger – Joy

Little Finger – Surrender

You can use these intentions to empower yourself either by holding a particular finger or by bringing combinations of fingers together.  Keep in mind that the left hand is associated with going within/yin/feminine energy and the right side is associated with taking action/yang/masculine energy.   So if you are working to feel more trusting, you might first hold the left thumb to feel trust in yourself.  Then you might hold the right thumb to experience trust in others or the world.  Bringing the thumbs together brings creates love and harmony.  You can experiment with different finger combinations to see how they make you feel.   Try holding the finger positions for three minutes while breathing in slowly and deeply.

I was also guided to assign meaning to the palms of my hands.  The left hand word is my soul purpose and the right hand is how I express this purpose.  For me, the word is “connect” for the left palm since my purpose is to help myself (and others) connect to who I am, the Divine, the Earth, tools for spiritual growth, and other soul friends.  For my right hand the word is “teach” because that is how I create the connections.  I often will touch a thumb to my palm and hold one of my fingers to empower the intention I want. For example, I may hold my right thumb on my left palm which means I am asking to connect to my inner wisdom.

Have fun experimenting with this technique!  If you want to do a more personalized version, I’m happy to help!  Just indicate that you’d like to work on the yoga mudra technique and I’ll extend the $10 off/one hour session to you (until the end of October 2013).  Email me at to participate.

Wishing you much love and inner peace!


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