Sacred Closure: A Celebration!

stagecoach trunkAt the end of the June, I was prompted by my Spiritual Support Team to take a look in an old stagecoach trunk.  The trunk had been the repository for all of my mementos from my first marriage, my teaching career, and of the manuscripts I had written as well as the many journals I had written in since then.  I felt that it was time to clean out the trunk and release all that had happened, so I could truly begin a new book of my life.  When I went into the trunk, I found myself reading old love letters, cards from people I hadn’t seen in years, and snippets of my journals.  Suddenly, I was immersed in a terrible grief.  It was if all the sadness I’d lived through was up over my head, threatening to take me away.

Thankfully, as always, God sent an Angel to help me in the form of my dear friend Dee Curci (Blessed Foundation Founder).  She called just at the right moment and was able to help me recognize what was happening.  I had opened Pandora’s box.  A box filled with old versions of me and in opening this box, I had been caught.  Dee wisely suggested a different course then simply throwing it all away in garbage bags.  She suggested I create a sacred ritual to honor and send off with love all the old stories of me.

Everything came together on June 29, 2013 (my wedding anniversary with my first husband) to have the sacred event.  We built a fire at the Blessed Foundation, lighting incense, playing the drum, and burning sweet grass and sage.  Slowly, through the next three hours we fed my former lives to the flames, asking that only the love and wisdom remain, and releasing all else to God.

During the process, some very clear messages were shared.  At one point, a yellow paper fell out of a journal at my feet.  Written in bold, all capital letters, was the phrases YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL.   STAY OUT OF IT! Blessed Foundation fire - sign  sign You are not in control

Later, a journal burned down slowly highlighting three words…Be Who You Are.


Dee and I roasted marshmallows over the flames, laughing and sharing until it was all burned down to ash.

Roasting Marshmallows

Thunder rumbled in the distance, but the storm held off until I had finished my labyrinth walk, barefoot and free from the past versions of me.  It was the perfect ending, bringing me back to the present moment and the Nancy I am now.

???????????????????????????????  Celebrating end of Sacred Closure

I believe we are all entering a new “book” of our lives now. Consider creating your own sacred ceremony to celebrate all the “You’s” of your life so far, so you can carry forward only the love and learning, letting the rest go to God.

Wishing you all much love and blessings!




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4 thoughts on “Sacred Closure: A Celebration!

  1. Awesome and I LOVE that you documented it for us all . . . not only to read but to see ~~ adding even more power to your intention to be your Divinely Sovereign and Free Hu-man Self. I, for one, am honored to of been a witness to this.

  2. Dee gets the credit for documenting it. I would have spruced up a bit if I’d realized we were photographing! Actually, though, I am very glad that she thought to do this. I am grateful to have been able to write about it after and have the photos to illustrate. Thanks so much Suzanne for your loving support and encouragement! It isn’t easy sharing some of this. So nice to have my wonderful soul friends who I know understand! Hugs! Nancy

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