Morning Musings: Guidance for the day ahead!

About Morning Musings…I asked for some intuitive guidance for today (or whatever day you come upon this).  I find it helpful to use the metaphor I’m shown to make the most of my day.  I hope you find it helpful too!  Here it is…

blue butterflyThe Vision…

I see a small blue butterfly flying.  A hornet buzzes around it.  The butterfly is unconcerned.  The flapping wings prevent the hornet from getting too close.  With no access, it eventually gives up and flies away.


When I feel the butterfly, there is a sense of being joyful, relaxed and content.  It is in no hurry and seems to be enjoying the gentle stroke of its wings, the feel of the light breeze, and all the beauty around it.  The hornet is frustrated.  It feels agitated that it is unable to get to the butterfly’s body to sting it.  Every time it sees an opening, the wings move and the opening closes.  It also seems frustrated that the butterfly is able to ignore its presence.  As I consider this metaphor, I believe the message is to be like the butterfly today.  Really focus on being a creature that is content in its own being and who is able to enjoy the beauty the day offers.  Knowing it is safe from the hornet’s stinger allows it to be unafraid. Eventually, that which agitates or threatens our serenity will disappear.


Today, I will remember I have wings and that I am safe.  I will trust that I will be protected from anything that would cause me pain.  I will focus on all the peace and beauty around me, relaxed and content.

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Have a wonderful day!


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