Spiritual Insights from the Month of May

May Green FieldThis has been a transformational month for me.  My Earth Sanctuary group have been working with connecting to the fourth chakra of Mother Earth with the intention of bringing this energy center into harmonic resonance with the Earth and our highest and best version of ourselves.  Through this process, I found myself working through several different themes, all of which connected to allowing myself to love more easily and freely.  Below is a synopsis of what I have learned with the hope that it will be insightful for you as well.

Honesty:  Do you know what you really feel?  Do you know what you really want?  This month, I discovered that I sometimes had a disconnect between what my brain identified as the answer to those questions and what my heart would say.  I found that often old stories were dictating the path of what I said I wanted.  Awareness helped me to begin to really listen to what my core self was sharing through the vehicle of my emotional and physical reactions.  What I discovered was often surprising.  Adjusting my responses in my interactions with others to what I truly was feeling or wanting instead of playing out old scripts helped to shift my energy into a higher vibration where it was easier to stay in a state of love.

Old Stories:  This month, I had the opportunity to clear out, repair, and finally release some old stories that have been influencing my definition of myself and how I live for most of my life.  I had the opportunity to try a technique called BodyTalk Therapy with Kristen Cirocco.  It was truly transformational and brought about two major shifts for me.  What I discovered through this month of self-exploration is that we are in a time where we are truly being called to choose what our story is going to be about in the new book of our lives.  Energetically, we have the opportunity to live at a higher vibrational frequency (moving closer to a state of living in love) and this requires us to release old stories about who we believe we have to be or how we believe we have to live.  Truly, we are now butterflies.  Our caterpillar lifetime is complete.  As we go through the process of examining our old stories of who we are, we discover brand new ones that will allow us to work in concert with the Divine and our own highest expression of ourselves.

Coming Home to my own story:  Another thing that has come up is learning to be a better protector of my heart.  We are bombarded by life stories of others in this world, as the constant conveyance of what is happening with others fills our daily lives through social media and the news.  While this has benefits, the downside is we can become overloaded or anxious from this confrontation of so many life stories, especially the life stories that are facing traumatic events.  During one of my Lightworker Mentoring Group sessions, the message came through that it is our job to care for ourselves through the process of being confronted with these events.  We need to call ourselves back home to our own life story and remind ourselves of what that is and what it is not.  Experiencing someone else’s life story as if it is our own, leaves us depleted and lost.  We can only live that which is ours.  Loving and caring for others means we believe they have all that they need to live what is theirs to go through.  Praying for all the love and help they can receive, allowing the Divine to work through us when needed, while always taking care of ourselves is the best way to support others.  Living it with them helps no one.

Judgment:  Another gift from my work with Kristen was the recognition of the judgments I make about what is best for my loved ones and family.  She refreshed my memory about the Work by Byron Katie.  Using this process, I was able to see where I held a sense of responsibility for others experiences.  My belief that I knew what would keep them healthy or safe, my reaction when they chose to do something different, all were very revealing.  The truth is we can never truly know what is best for someone else because we don’t know what they are trying to learn in this lifetime.  Kristen helped me see that what I was really saying when I made the judgment my husband shouldn’t eat pop tarts if he wants to be healthy (a simple example), was that I shouldn’t eat pop tarts.  Being able to see that we are always looking at others to see reflections of what is true for ourselves was a wonderful reminder for me.  When I am able to truly trust that my loved ones have access to Divine support and that their soul has a game plan for them, I can be free to follow my own path.  Carrying the burden of trying to keep everyone safe is too heavy.  Believing in them sets us both free.  After all, there is no better gift to give those we love then the freedom to follow the path they need to be on to experience the fullest expression of who they are.  The routes taken may look like a bad choice from our point of view, but trusting that the Divine and their highest self are directing the story the individual has chosen to experience can bring peace.

Attachment:  This has been a great learning for me!  Just as I am not able to tell what is best for another’s journey, I am also not able to tell what is best for my own.  Trusting that my highest self and the Divine are guiding my path, allows me to let go of my attachment to outcomes and form.  Letting things happen as they need to happen, frees up my ability to be at peace.  Our ego consciousness is only able to see part of the picture.  So many layers of things happen hidden from our view.  The only thing to set a clear intention for what you want to experience (ie. joy, happiness, abundance, fulfillment) and then let the Divine get you there.  Releasing attachments allows that process to happen more smoothly and easily.

Enjoy the last day of May!  


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