Emotions as Tools of the Divine

Angel at Blessed FoundationDo you ever feel like your emotions are sabotaging you?  Do you ever wish you could just turn them off?  What exactly is the purpose of our emotions anyway?  All of these questions were rattling around in my mind during a recent meditation.  I decided to set the intention that my emotions would begin to be tools that were 100% aligned with my highest and best intention for myself.  I invoked Divine support and asked that I be guided in how to start working with my emotions with this intention.  Shortly after, one of my Lightworker Mentoring Group calls took place.  During that call, a great deal of information came through, all of which was presented to help us work with this new intention for our emotions.  I have been working with the ideas presented and testing them out.  Here is what I came up with:

Acknowledge Your Unpleasant Feelings:  The first step is to be aware of what you are feeling.  Sometimes we let our unpleasant feelings be suppressed or we ignore them.  For this to be effective, we need to notice the feeling when it occurs.  A simple statement to use is, “I am feeling…” Write in what is true for you in the moment.

Accept the Importance of Feelings to Your Life Purpose:  As much as we would all love to be happy and peaceful all the time, I was told very clearly that our unpleasant feelings are as necessary to our purpose as the pleasant ones.  When you are feeling something you wish you weren’t, take a moment to remind yourself that this too is part of you living your life purpose.  Working through our difficult emotions is how we move more in alignment with our highest intention for ourselves.

Identify the Foundational Thought that is Creating the Feeling and Question if it is True: Once you recognize the emotion, it is important to trace it back to the thought that led to the feeling.  For instance, if you are feeling frustrated, ask yourself what am I thinking that causes frustration?  Maybe you are thinking you don’t have enough time to get everything done.  Use Byron Katie’s steps of The Work.  Ask yourself if this is true.  Reverse the statement and ask if it is equally or more true (in our example – I have plenty of time to get what I need to get done.).  How do you feel if this statement is true?  If it changes your feeling to happiness, relief, joy, peace, then it is the better thought.  Choose to think that instead.

Set a Clear Intention Invoke Love and Divine Support to Shift the Experience to a Higher Vibration:  Set the intention that your new thought is your truth.  Using our example, state the following:

I always have time to do everything I need to do with ease.

I invoke Divine support and inspiration to make this so.

I ask the Divine to speak through me to manifest this intention.

I ask that my heart feel the love that comes from this intention being my truth.

I ask that my masculine energy take action only on the Divine guidance of my highest self.

I ask that my feminine energy provide the wisdom to allow myself to receive this.

Imagine your inner child living with this as your reality. 

Put your hand on the heart and say, “I pray it is so and so it is.”

Finally, feel your whole system connecting to the support of the Earth, the support of the Divine and the support of your highest self to bring this into being.  Surrender your attachment to the outcome and trust in the Divine.

Soothe the Part of You that Felt Threatened and Reassure it That You Are Safe: Imagine the unpleasant feeling as a whirlpool.  Imagine your highest self, wrapping its arms around the whirlpool and pouring love into it.  Continue until the whirlpool calms and you feel more peaceful.  Repeat this process every time you start to feel insecure around the issue.  This will retrain your system, so that it will come in alignment with your highest intention.

Release Your Old Stories or the Life Stories of Others:  Ask yourself if you are acting out an old story about yourself or trying to live someone else’s story.  Using our example, are you the person who is always overwhelmed and rushed?  Is being “busy” who you are?  Decide if this is the story you want to be true for you.  If not, choose to delete that and identify your story as your new truth.  For example, instead of being someone who is always busy, choose to be someone who is always Divinely guided and lives by faith in Divine timing and order.

Embrace Your Own Truth and Your Own Life Story:  Choose to stay in your own truth and your own life when you are working with the new approach.  To support you with this, ask the Angels to help you release attachment to any outside influences and come home to your own true center.  Keep asking yourself if what you are feeling is true for you, no matter what others have or may experience.

Take Action as Guided:  When you feel motivated, take action to bring about your desired intention.  The way you can tell the action is in order is how you feel.  If you feel resistance, uneasiness, or fear, then hold off until the way feels clearer.  You want to move in the direction of what feels good to you.  That is how the Divine leads us.

Wishing you abundance and joy in your journey!


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Spirit Earth Coaching LLC offers eco-spiritual life coaching services to empower those seeking to live a peaceful, heart-guided, nature-connected life. Services include: spiritual life coaching sessions, workshops, Reiki/Energy balancing and coaching sessions, and retreats.

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