5/25/2013 Morning Musing: Guidance for Your Day!

About Morning Musings…I asked for some intuitive guidance for today (or whatever day you come upon this).  I find it helpful to use the metaphor I’m shown to make the most of my day.  I hope you find it helpful too!  Here it is…



I see a stream with cool, crystal-clear water.  It is moving quickly and feels almost joyful.  I see myself scooping up the water and drinking it.  It is crisp and invigorating.  I see a deer with antlers on the opposite bank.  Its fur is beginning to thicken.  It feels like a crisp fall day. It watches me as if waiting for me to come to it.  I cross the river and touch its neck. The fur is coarse and brittle and I can feel the warmth of the animal’s body on my cold fingers.  It turns and I feel it wishes me to follow.  We head through the fall woods.  I see a hawk flying above us, as if it is leading the way.  Eventually, we come to a clearing with a small cabin.  Smoke is coming from the chimney.  The deer leads me to the door.  A Spirit Guide steps out and smiles at me.  I hear, “Welcome home.”


How lovely this image is!  It feels so fresh and alive!  Coming home with the deer (which represents compassion, gentleness and new adventures) with a hawk (spiritual messenger and guide) leading the way, gives this a sense of returning from a long trip with close friends.  The fall reference makes me think of a time of harvest and celebration.  It also feels like a time to return to one’s center and recharge.  The Spirit Guide waiting feels like my closest companion and friend.  The fire, the nearby fresh and invigorating water source, all suggest a chance to recharge and refresh our spirits after a long  journey.


Today, I intend to recharge my soul. I will drink deeply of all the beauty. I will rest in my own center, knowing I am surrounded by friends.  Today, I will allow myself to soak up the joy of being at home, knowing I deserve this rest and respite from my travels.  Today, I will soak in the joy of simple pleasures.

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Wishing you all a day filled with joy!


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2 thoughts on “5/25/2013 Morning Musing: Guidance for Your Day!

  1. Thank You Nancy Was feeling low and lonely today and opened my e mail and there you were to pick me up!!! Wishing You a joy filled weekend!!!!!!! Tanya

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