Grow Your Gifts Meditation – Self-Reflection

I see and love every part of me.  I am authentically me in all that I think, say and do.
I see and love every part of me. I express my true self in all that I do.

I share this today to provide us all with support as we continue to become more whole.  I know many of my clients (and me too!) are having a lot of intense dreaming right now.  Sometimes what is going on at the subconscious level is difficult to connect with.  This meditation will support you in seeing your whole self more clearly.  As we look with love and clarity, we can accept all of who we are without judgment.  Heron medicine is excellent for this as is the beautiful clear water and blue sky.  Below are some simple instructions to support you in your work with this image. 


How to Work with the Image

  1. Take a moment to center yourself.  Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly three times.  Let your exhale be longer than your inhale.
  2. Open your eyes and focus on the image.  Ask your Spiritual Support Team to help you come into harmonic resonance with the image and to receive the amount of energy from the essence of the place for your highest and best good.
  3. Use your imagination to put yourself in the photo.  Use all your senses to interact with what is shown.  What do you feel, see, hear, smell, taste and touch as you connect?
  4. Ask for Divine guidance on how you can incorporate the gifts from this essence into your own life and situation.  Allow yourself to feel the love and support flowing to you and through you from the Earth and the Divine.
  5. Repeat the affirmation (see caption) as you breathe in and out slowly.
  6. Be open to any additional thoughts, sounds, smells, or images that come to you as you are working with the photo.  Consider these as messages to support you on your path.  Ask what these impressions mean to you.  What do they make you think or feel?
  7. Continue to recall the image throughout the day when you wish to bring in the energy it provides.
  8. Express your gratitude for the gifts given to you through the experience. 

Enjoy your day!



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