“We Choose Love”-Insights from Sandy Hook

Statue at the Chartres Labyrinth at the Blessed Foundation
Statue at the Chartres Labyrinth at the Blessed Foundation

My kind-hearted husband, Jeff,  is in Newtown, Connecticut sharing his educational art program at Sandy Hook Elementary this week.  When he arrived, he went for a walk around the town.  He said it was surreal to realize such a peaceful, lovely place went through such violence.  One of the things he noticed was the white ribbons tied to doors, in store windows, and also covering the school building where the tragedy happened.  The ribbons all say, “We choose love.”

Tears instantly came to my eyes when he shared this.  What a beautiful testament to the human spirit!  Despite the terrible loss and grief they must still feel, they choose love.  Jeff said everyone he has encountered in Newtown and at the school have been unbelievably kind.  The teachers, parents, and citizens have gone to truly heroic lengths to support the children and families as they deal with the fear and anxiety this tragedy induced.  They aren’t just saying they choose love, they are living it.

If they are able to do this, despite what they have been through, then shouldn’t we all be able to?  Let’s begin today, to follow their beautiful, loving example.

Today, I choose to let love be my goal. 

I choose to let love be what I experience. 

I choose to let love be who I am. 

A Technique to Help

The life coach/teacher in me always wants some concrete tools to work with when I decide to make a change.  Doreen Virtue shared something on Facebook the other day that gave me an idea.  She shared a post about  fear and the reminder that fear stands for “false evidence appearing real.”  This sparked the idea to create an acronym for love.

Here is what I came up with for me…

L = Laugh

O = Open Up

V = Validate

E = Enjoy

For me, these words are reminders of what I need to do to be centered in love.  The more I laugh, open up, validate myself and others, and enjoy, the more I am able to be a clear and perfect channel for God’s love and wisdom to flow through. Letting that love and wisdom fill me and express through me is the ultimate joy for me.

Today, I invite you to create your own acronym for love (or feel free to use mine if it works for you).  When you feel afraid or overwhelmed, look to your list for support.  It will help you find your true center.  It will help you choose love.

Sending love and blessings to all (and especially to the teachers and parents at Sandy Hook Elementary – You are truly inspirational.  Thank you for your kind, courageous, and generous hearts.  The children are so blessed to have you)!


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