Spiritual Wisdom from The Croods!

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I have a confession to make – I love animated films. My husband has accepted that watching something rated beyond PG with me means I’ll spend most of the time hiding my eyes. He broke down and went to see the new movie, The Croods with me over the weekend. What a wonderful movie (even my husband agreed)!

The father in the movie had a few favorite sayings. One of them really struck me. It was, “Never forget to be afraid.” His theory was that the best way to keep his family safe was to keep them afraid. If they were afraid, they’d stay hidden in the cave, avoid anything new or different, and therefore survive. His eldest daughter finds herself rebelling against his wisdom, even saying at one point in the movie, “This isn’t living. This is just being not dead” (or something like that, I can’t remember the exact line).

I found all this so fascinating because I really do believe that our species is in the middle of another phase of our evolution. We still have the brain wiring that Mr. Crood is using to keep his family alive. We use fear to avoid or escape danger which was absolutely necessary for survival during Caveman times. Today, though, fear triggers fight or flight responses in us where there is often no outlet for this energy. It can make it impossible for us to do what is needed to respond to the challenges in our lives which are often emotionally threatening, rather than physically threatening.

Without ruining the movie for you, I loved how the Croods worked through this process. They too were at the end of an age. Their evolution from “Never Forget to be Afraid” to “Never be Afraid” mirrors are own journey. I love too that the advice at the end is to keep following the light. As we follow our own inner light, we fully express who we are. The more we are authentically our highest self; the easier it is for the Divine to work through us to make the world a brighter, more loved-centered place.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!


PS.  I highly recommend going to see this one!  You can find where the movie is playing in your area at this link: MOVIES


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