A Metaphor-the Soul and the Ego

RiverI saw a wonderful metaphor for the interplay of the Soul and Ego the other day as I was sharing some of my spiritual insights from my vacation week with a friend. The image I saw was of a deep, powerful river. The water was flowing strong and steady, but on the surface the wind was catching it and tossing it about. My Spirit Guides were using this image to help me understand what is really going on when I am setting intentions and clearing old patterns.

The message was that my soul path is unwavering. The work that I am doing to set clear intentions and to recognize and release unhealthy patterns is all about how I experience the path I am on. The steady flow of the river, my soul, continues unaffected by what happens on the surface (the place where our ego focuses). It is when we set clear intentions that we are able to “tap in” to the deeper truth. In doing this, we are able to experience the calm, steady certainty that everything is moving just as it needs to. There is no danger of being blown off course or of losing our way. The more we can identify and connect with this deep, inner truth, the more easily we can experience the joy of each moment. When we are confident and steady, we are unconcerned by the changing surface of things.

So how do we do this? I believe it is all about where we keep our focus. When we set intentions and invoke Divine support, we are choosing to focus on that deeper truth. By staying centered in our connection with the Divine, we are able to have the reassurance that comes from this broader, deeper perspective. After all, we are the whole river, not just the point where we are focusing our consciousness. What we are concerned about is already resolved. Turn your attention to that point and you can feel the deep peace of knowing all is well.

A few questions to help you work with this idea…

If you look back over your life, what theme or themes recur? Where are these themes taking you in your evolution?

What are you worried about? See the worry from the point of view of the surface of the river and also from the deeper, flowing part. How does this change your feelings? Which place feels safer and more serene? What will happen if you keep your attention there?

How are you letting life flow? Where are you trying to control the flow?

Blessings to you and yours!


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