Easter and the Hero’s Journey

Thirteen years ago on Easter I spent the whole day in the woods. The night before, I had found myself facing the implosion of my marriage and the life I’d lived to that point. In shock and anxious, I did what I have done all my life, I went home to Mother Earth.

That Easter Day is one I will never forget for as long as I live. With a dear friend, I spent the day reconnecting to the Earth, to God, and to myself. I took my shoes off and pushed my bare toes into the cool mud. I sat on the ground and stared at the sky. I hugged trees, I cried, and I laughed. I found that as long as I was walking deeper into the woods, I felt a great joy welling up in me, but when I turned to go home it was as if someone had laid a terrible weight on my heart. During that fateful walk on Easter Day, I said I wanted God to be more central in my life. Within three months, I was no longer married and no longer a part of the vast family that had been my whole world for thirteen years. Somewhere through that process, God had given me what I asked for, though certainly not in the form I expected. God had become the very center of my existence.

I am a huge fan of Joseph Campbell who taught about the power of myth and the hero’s journey. During that time, I came to realize I was on such a journey, a journey to discover myself. In so many ways, the experience was truly magical – filled with unexpected helpers, soul friends, God winks, and the discovery of the Spirit World. It was also filled with terrible grief, loss, anxiety, and fear. I spent almost three years battling anxiety. I went from almost all of my close friends and family being gone to discovering a whole community of beautiful souls to love. I met my current husband who has been the perfect partner for me in countless ways. Most important of all, I found myself.

So now, in the year that I am 44 years old (the other number besides 13 which has been very significant in my life), I am ready to begin a new journey. It is time for another quest, though this time the quest isn’t to discover who I am, This time, I am on a quest to experience my life from a place of harmony with all that I am. I believe the same is true for you. Whatever the path has been that has led you to this moment, it has made you who you are. Take a moment today to honor this and to send love to the self of each moment of the journey. Acknowledge the beauty and the pain of the path you have followed. Let yourself accept it all and in doing so, accept and love the YOU which has been born from the experience.

Let the Age of Light begin within each and every one of us today, as we embody the light of the Divine within, reflected through all the many facets of who we are…

Wishing you love and many blessings today and always!
Happy Easter!



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One thought on “Easter and the Hero’s Journey

  1. Nancy, that is just lovely.

    Thanks for bringing light to me and the world!

    Happy Easter to you and your family as well.

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