Insights From an Overloaded Nervous System

Sun over Lake with TreesAs a highly sensitive empathic person, I know the consequences quite well for becoming overloaded.  My adrenals and nervous system are very sensitive and when they are overtaxed, I feel lousy.  In my zest to create, do and heal, I forgot just how lousy overload feels.  I let myself fall into a place where there was no other choice but to take the steps needed to clear the adrenaline from my system and let myself recover.  That is where I was at last night (the night of the full moon in Libra which is all about balance.  How perfect is that?).  I share this because I learned a few things this time around and I thought you might find them helpful.  After all, the best approach is to avoid ending up in this state in the first place.  Something I plan on being much more vigilant about in the future. 

One of the things I learned was that my quest to heal, integrate and become whole has led me to push myself to make adjustments my system hasn’t always been ready for. I am very passionate about being able to live from a place of love and being free from old patterns and fears.  Yesterday, I came to understand that it is more important for me to be passionate about being gentle and loving to myself.  For those of you who have had exposure to children, you know what happens when you push a child into activities or situations they are not ready for.  You end up with a kid melting down, usually in a very intense way.  The same is true for our own inner child.  Yesterday, I set a new intention to have my Spiritual Support Team block me from any attempts to push myself in directions that are more than my system can handle.  It felt very empowering to choose this and a very important step in avoiding future overload.

The second thing I learned was to let go of my agendas.  I am a Capricorn and part of my personality is very focused on getting things done at certain times.  This has served me very well in that I am able to accomplish a lot in an organized way.  The downside of this trait is that I tend to make deadlines for myself.  Sometimes, these deadlines aren’t realistic.  This week, I am trying to get several things done ahead of time because my family is taking a vacation next week.  I realized yesterday, that I simply am not able to get everything done that I wanted to accomplish before we leave.  The “I’m running out of time” feeling nearly always pushes me into overload.  It was only while I was walking to get my system back in balance that it occurred to me the deadlines I had set were mine alone. There was no reason why they couldn’t be changed.  This brought me to the intuitive message I have been receiving a lot lately.  “Drop the agendas!” Using the metaphor of the butterfly again, I realized they are agenda-free creatures.  They just look for the most beautiful flower to land on or enjoy fluttering where ever the wind takes them.  It is the caterpillar phase that is all about agendas.  I believe we have all evolved out of the caterpillar stage.  Now, it is time for our brain to catch on to the change.  Since the highly focused, goal-oriented agendas are yet another thing that leads me down this much too familiar path with my nervous system, I made another intention last night.  I release all agendas! 

The final thing that I want to share from my learning last night feels quite life-changing.  I was feeling very uncomfortable physically and found myself saying “I am in love with my life.”  I did this because I have finally absorbed the lesson that the answer to every question is always to love.  So, I kept repeating the statement and noticed that my physical symptoms were disappearing!  As long as I stayed focused on being in love with all the amazing things in my life, I felt fine.  So what if we set this as our new plan?  What if we let everything else go and just be “in love” both with our life and ourselves?  I feel this is the focus for us now.  We have learned a lot about healing and growing into our full potential.  Now, I feel we are ready to take another big evolutionary step.  By shifting to living “in love,” we come into alignment with our true nature and the Divine within.  Ultimately, isn’t that all that matters?  If we are the co-creators of our lives, why don’t we choose to create a life we are in love with?  The place to start is to be in love with it all just as it is.  I know this is a concept we all have heard before.  All I can say is that when I did this consciously yesterday, when I focused on being “in love” with God, with my life, with my loved ones, with myself, I felt something change in me.  What if it could be a permanent change?  I set that as another intention last night.  Living in a state of love is glorious!  Certainly, we have spent long enough living in fear, haven’t we? It is time to make a change.

Wishing you all infinite blessings and a life you are in love with!




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2 thoughts on “Insights From an Overloaded Nervous System

  1. Hello Nancy,

    Thank you very much for this message today. Wonderful.


    Maryann Baker

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    Everyday goddess Nancy Nicholas shared these insights on ‘Overload’ recently. I know she’s not the only creative who ever feels overloaded, so I’m sharing. Thank you, Nancy.

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