Morning Musing-Spiritual Guidance for the Day!

Good Morning!  I hope you are all having a beautiful day (whatever day you come upon this).  I asked for some guidance for today and I’ve shared what came through below.  I hope you find it helpful! 

Lake - sunriseEnvision…

I see myself in water that comes up to my shoulders.   I am walking, but also using my arms as if swimming.  The water is very clear and cool.  I feel like I am in a lake.  


As I contemplate this metaphor, I hear, “Swim.  Go ahead and lift your feet off the ground and swim.  You can let yourself be supported by the water and float.  It isn’t necessary to continue to try to walk in water.”  I imagine myself swimming in the beautiful, cool water and I can feel myself relax. 

But what does this mean for us in our daily lives?  I feel the message is that we don’t need to keep plodding through. We can let ourselves be supported and enjoy the experience.  Instead of continuing to operate as if we are earth-bound creatures, we need to adapt to the environment we are now in.  Energetically, a different approach is called for now.  Ask for what you want, invoke Divine support to guide and inspire you, and then take action on what feels in alignment with your heart.  I hear, “Let go of your agendas.  They are unnecessary now.  Enjoy the moment.  Be “in love” with the small details of your experience. Let yourself be supported.”


Today, I intend to be “in love” with my life. I will let go of all agendas and allow myself to enjoy the love and support that surround me.  I will soak in the wonder of each moment and release my fears.  Today, I will swim through my day with joy and ease. 

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Additional Thoughts…

To enhance your experience with this message, take time to really put yourself into the photo.  Ask to connect to the energies of this place and really allow yourself to receive the healing and balancing they provide.  I also find it helps to use the metaphor throughout the day as you are in the process of taking action.  A good question to ask yourself, “Am I swimming through my life today or trying to walk through deep water?” 

Sending much love to you all!  May your day be filled with ease and joy!



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One thought on “Morning Musing-Spiritual Guidance for the Day!

  1. I love this; an especially beautiful and timely reminder for today. Thank you. – Anne

    Anne Wondra

    Soul and wellness coach | 262-544-4310

    I don’t want to miss my life. – Sylvia

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