Morning Musing-Re-Focusing the Day!

Normally, I share these in the morning, but I was feeling the need for a re-focus for my day today and thought you might be feeling the same way.  I asked for guidance to help with this and selected one of the morning musings I’d written previously.  This is the one that showed up.  I hope you find it helpful (whenever you come upon it :))! 

baby rabbitEnvision…

I see a baby rabbit.  Its nose is twitching. It is sitting in a grassy field in early morning.  The sun is shining and the ground is moist with dew.  The rabbit is eating the grass and it feels safe as it is right outside a hole that is made from the tall grass. 


This gives me the feeling of sitting on the front porch, sipping a hot cup of tea, and enjoying the morning.  The rabbit feels safe and is able to enjoy the beauty around it.  There is no need to rush around or be wary.  There is a gentle peace to the scene that is very relaxing.


Today, I will let myself relax and enjoy the simple beauty of the day, knowing that all is well in my world.

 I pray it is so, and so it is…

Wishing you a wonderful day! 


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