Creating the Foundation-Your First Chakra in the Age of Light!

Butterfly on pink flowerThis month, my Earth Sanctuary program participants are working with the first chakra (the energy center at the root of our being). If you think about the human energy system as a tree, the first chakra is the roots and the soil that holds them. Just as a tree depends on its roots to get nutrients and water from the soil and to be held up securely so strong winds don’t blow it over, so we too depend on our first chakra energy center to keep us rooted and supported.

Using the metaphor of the caterpillar and the butterfly, I have been shown that we are in the process of creating a new root system.  Caterpillars have different needs and therefore the foundation that was most supportive for them is not what works best for butterflies. So what do we, as newly formed butterflies, need to have a strong, and healthy first chakra foundation?

Continuing with the butterfly metaphor, what does a butterfly need to be supported and secure? 

The first thing that comes to mind is its strong wings.  Without the ability to fly, the butterfly is unable to get access to the food it needs for nourishment.  It is unable to fly to safety or to find shelter.  Therefore, strong wings are essential.  So what are our wings?  What allows us to experience the nourishment and security we need?  The wings are the biggest part of a butterfly’s body.  They are more wing than anything else.  What is the most dominant aspect of who we are in this new form?  I believe it is our heart and the love that comes from it.   Our heart then must be at the foundation of whom we are if we are to be secure and nourished in this new form.  The heart is what must guide us and carry us to the beauty and nourishment we seek.  The heart must lead in all that we think, say and do. 

The second thing that comes to mind is the right environment.  If a butterfly is born where there is no sun, no warmth, no flowers it will die quickly.  We too have need of these in our foundation.  We need to feel warm, secure, and experience abundant opportunities to drink in the nectar of life from the beauty that blooms around us.  Where a caterpillar needed lots of leaves to eat, the butterfly needs a world filled with flowers.  So what does this represent for us?  I believe that the flowers are the opportunities to love and be loved.  Allowing ourselves to really drink in the love that is there for us from Mother Earth, from the Divine, and from the living beings in our lives are the flowers that bring joy and security to our world.  As we love the beauty of these gifts, we are like the butterfly whose visit to sip the nectar of the flower leads to the pollination of new flowers that spreads the opportunity to live in love. 

The third thing that comes to mind is awareness.  Without the butterfly’s ability to sense the flowers, it would starve.  It has to notice the flowers to be able to know where to go.  How often do we overlook the love that comes our way?  Do we take the time to feel the love of Mother Earth every time we eat something that she has provided for us to live?  Do we feel her love in the air we breathe? Do we feel the love of the Divine in the beautiful sunrise or in the sweet moments of synchronicity when we feel the brush of Angel wings in our life?  Do we feel the love and gratitude coming from the people in our life?  If not, we need to if we are to have a solid foundation to build on in our new life with wings.

The final thing that comes to mind is motivation.  Without the motivation to fly, the butterfly would never experience the flower.  Nectar would not be sipped, pollen would not be spread, and new flowers would not be born.  What does this mean for us?  Are we motivated to interact with the love and beauty in our world?  Are we willing to take the time to really drink in each moment of love and support that flows to us?  For us to have strong foundation in this new world, I believe we need to fully drink of the love and abundance we already have.  That is the only way that new love and new abundance can find its way into our lives, just as the butterflies interaction with the flowers is the only way new flowers come to life.

Wishing you love and ease as you create this new foundation built with love!


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