Creating Prosperity Through Love and Gratitude

The word love in English with the O replaced by a yellow flower.February’s theme is Creation, a perfect theme for the beginning of 2013 (January felt like the clean up loose ends month from 2012).  So what does this mean for you and me?  Well, I feel like we are beginning a process of learning how to create in a whole new way.  Instead of setting a goal based on what our intellect recommends and working step-by-step to manifest it, we are learning to listen to our heart, set an intention, invoke Divine support and allow ourselves to be guided through the process of bringing this intention into physical form.  It is an exciting time to be alive!

Last week, I had a wonderful session with Jeanne Michaels of Lemurantis.  We were recording a call on how to use the Chakra Vortex Essences that she creates for those in my Earth Sanctuary program.  Along with the very powerful healing energy that was flowing, she also shared a few pearls of wisdom that sparked some new pathways of thought for me.  One of the activities she had me do at the end of our session was to work with gratitude.  I was all ready to start sending out my gratitude to Mother Earth when Jeanne surprised me by saying, “Allow yourself to receive Mother Earth’s gratitude for you.” 

This really surprised me!  I had never considered that Mother Earth would be grateful for me.  After all, aren’t we, as humans, always taking from her?  Jeanne explained that as we connect with the chakra vortexes of the Earth, we are activating them, which is sending this powerful energy through the energetic grid of the Earth. This helps the Earth and all the creatures that live on her.  I could feel the truth in what she said as she spoke.  I was able then to allow myself to shift my perspective.  I opened and felt myself “soaking up” this wonderful loving, flowing energy from Mother Earth.  It was so gentle, supportive and kind that it brought tears to my eyes.  After we spent a few moments with this, then Jeanne had me send gratitude to Mother Earth for the gifts she’d given me as well.  It was as if the energy flowed in this perfect cycle, flowing in, flowing out.  The circuit was complete where before it had only been one-sided.

I woke up in the middle of the night (my prime meditative time these days) and had this light bulb moment.  I was working with Archangel Metatron on the concept of prosperity.  What I was guided to do was to allow myself to receive (and really absorb and experience) the love and gratitude from those I have or am currently working with.  This was more difficult than it sounds.  I could easily send the love and gratitude I felt for each of them, but when it came to allowing me to really feel how much they valued me and their investment in what I do, it was much harder.  It was as if a pathway that allowed me to experience this type of unconditional love and support had been shut down a long time ago.  I had to keep practicing to move the fallen logs and debris out-of-the-way for the energy to flow to me.  Once I was able to clear the blockage, it flowed very easily.  I could feel my whole system soaking it up like a long dried out sponge.   A wonderful experience!  I realized that my love and gratitude for my clients wasn’t only because of what they were giving to me, but mostly because of how much I truly felt grateful for Who They Are.  I could feel the same coming my way.  Not that they loved me simply for what I could do for them, but instead the love was for me because I am being Who I Am.  What a difference in how this felt!

I started playing with this concept in relationship to money.  When I thought about receiving money, I felt tightness and fear. There was a fear that the people giving it wouldn’t have enough.  There was a fear that I wouldn’t have enough.  When I started applying the concepts above to it, suddenly the giving and the receiving of money was an exchange of love and a true acknowledgement of the gift of each person being who they really are.  I have “thought” these ideas before, but suddenly, I could actually feel them!  How appropriate that as we begin a month where we are focusing on our foundational level (first chakra) through my Earth Sanctuary Program, that I would be given such a gift from the Earth.  To be able to allow myself to really receive through the heart instead of through the intellect is so important in the process of creating a solid, dependable inner foundation to build our new lives on.

As safety is key to this foundation, the concept of money comes to mind.  I think money has been an exchange of fear so often in our society and world.  I feel we are in the process of revising this, so that it takes on its true form as an expression of unconditional love and gratitude.  Here are a few additional insights that came out of the experience connected to the concept of money:

  • Money is simply the physical form of this love and gratitude.  When I allowed myself to feel the money I receive as love, I was able to feel much more comfortable with receiving it.


  • When we spend money, we are actually saying “I love you” to ourselves and the person we are sending it to.  We are expressing our gratitude for the service or product they are providing, while also allowing ourselves to receive the gift of this service/product.


  • Rather than focusing on the money we are giving away when we spend it, focus instead on the gratitude and love you feel for the service or product it is purchasing.  From this point of view, paying anything takes on a whole new meaning.  Gratitude is what we feel instead of fear that there won’t be enough.  Feeling gratitude invites more opportunities to receive and feel more gratitude.  We are spreading love, not fear. 

This month, I invite you to play with this concept.  So often, we rush through our lives and don’t really allow ourselves to feel the abundance of love, kindness, prosperity, peace, friendship, time, and joy that are in our world.  Set the intention that this month, you will really soak it in.  Let all the good in your world surround you and empower you.  You really are a bright light.  The world would be a very different place without the essence that is you here.  That is true not because of what you do.  It is true because of Who You Are. 

In conclusion, I’d like to share a metaphor I was given that shows this concept.  I’ve been hearing that we have evolved into new species.  We are now butterflies with wings instead of caterpillars that crawl.  The image I was shown pointed out that a butterfly’s motivation is to find the beauty and go where that is.  I had a huge ah ha moment today as I was working with my dear friend, Lauren May.  Butterflies have to drink the nectar for new flowers to grow.  The nectar’s purpose is to attract the butterflies.  It nourishes the butterfly and it helps the plant to spread because when it lifts off, the butterfly takes the pollen of the plant with it, carrying the seeds for new flowers to be born. 

Take a look at your own life.  Are you really drinking in the nectar of the flowers that are already in your life?  If we don’t allow ourselves to feel the love and abundance we have right now, new sources of this abundance can’t grow.  We have to do our part.  Drink in the love that is expressed in your world through gifts of time, friendship, money, and simple pleasures.  Really let yourself feel these gifts and in doing so, you plant the seeds for more and more love to flow into your life. 

Much love to each and every one of you! 


PS.  If you’d like to learn more or purchase the chakra vortex essences created by Jeanne Michaels, you can find the information here:  Chakra Vortex Essences

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3 thoughts on “Creating Prosperity Through Love and Gratitude

  1. I have been sending a lot of gratitude and love your way the last few days. So synchronistic. I love what you do and especially who you are. Thank you and much love! – Anne

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    Sharing everyday goddess friend, mentor, inspiration Nancy Nicholas’ post on “Creating Prosperity Through Love and Gratitude.” I truly love Nancy and her work and the wise gentle spirit she is…and the blessing and wisdom and light she shares. Enjoy.

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