Vibrations, Harmony and Coming Home to Nature!


I’ve been experimenting lately.  After my trip to Sedona, AZ where I was able to connect with the Earth Vortex energies, I’ve found myself drawn to find new ways to really “feel” the Earth and nature.  During a recent trip to Florida, I spent time “feeling” the energy of the Gulf of Mexico, feeling the energy of the seabirds, the trees, a dolphin that swam by, and the beach itself.  Consciously energetically “feeling” in this way was an amazing experience!  I’ve been asking for guidance on where to go with this new way of being.

I’ve said in other posts, I feel like we are in the process of coming home to our natural vibration which is in harmonic resonance with nature and the Earth.  I put together a few tips on ways to explore this.

1.  Being Out in Nature:  One of the approaches that I’ve found so helpful in my own quest to come back home to my true nature, is to consciously connect with the Earth during meditative walks.  During these walks, I let myself be guided to different spots and take the time to really connect to what it offers.  Here are a few simple steps to enhance your experience…

  • Take a few deep breaths and focus on love.  Feel your love for the Earth, your love for yourself, and your love for the Divine.  Let that love surround you and fill you.
  • Ask that you be connected to the essence and energy of the place, animal, or object you are working with.  Include that this connection occur in the way that is highest and best for you and the object of your interest and that you receive the amount of this energy that is for your highest and best good.
  •  Breathe slowly and deeply.  Let yourself feel and experience whatever comes to you without trying to control the process.  What comes to your mind?  What do you smell, see, feel, or hear through the experience?
  • When you feel ready, take a moment to send love and gratitude for the connection and guidance given.

2.  Use sound to bring you into vibrational harmony and resonance:  Intuitively, I am often shown metaphors of music to help me to understand about harmonic resonance.  During a session recently, I was shown the whole Universe as this complex and hauntingly beautiful song.  The Earth was one refrain in the whole.  We are also a song onto ourselves and a refrain within the song of the Earth.  As we learn to hear the purity of our own song, we bring our melody to the song of the Earth.  Below are a few tools to support you in working with this concept:

  • Gabriel Masterson (Homecoming):  A friend shared this music with me.  This is the closest I’ve ever experienced in feeling the Earth’s song and rhythm.  Just listening brings your system into harmony and resonance in a very gentle, yet powerful way.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Here is the link:  Gabriel Masterson
  • Jonathan Goldman (Chakra Chants):  This is a wonderful collection that is very powerful when working with the chakra energy centers of our bodies.  Try matching your voice to the tone of the crystal bowls in the selection.  I’ve found this to be very cleansing and healing.  You can listen to samples and/or purchase here:  Chakra Chants

 Wishing you a day filled with joy and harmony!


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