Life Outside of the Cocoon! How do we use these wings?

Butterfly and Flower

Here we are in January 2013.  We have gone through the big energy shift of 2012 and for the most part survived with our sanity intact.  We have evolved into a new species of human through this process.  We have finally made it to the butterfly stage!  Wonderful right?  Or is it…

How many of you are drifting along with the breeze and sipping sweet nectar from flowers right now?  Anyone feeling it? 

Not so much huh?

So why aren’t we relaxing and enjoying life after all the upheaval of 2012?  I asked that very question from my Spiritual Support Team and the image I was shown was of a butterfly trying to munch on leaves.  The message was that we have evolved.  Unfortunately, our brain hasn’t bought into the shift.  It continues to operate using old approaches and bases its decisions on experiences which frankly no longer apply.  After all, what we learned as a caterpillar was very important for us during that stage, but it really doesn’t provide a whole lot of guidance for how to live as a creature with wings.  So, our brain keeps approaching the situations in our lives as it has always done and our physical system simply can’t respond in the same way anymore (note the lack of multiple feet and mechanism for chomping leaves) and the result is some serious inner conflict.  Often this conflict is showing up as physical and emotional distress.  As we are having trouble understanding what is going on, our subconscious is aggressively trying to explain through increasingly bizarre and vivid dreams.  Unfortunately, the translator that is supposed to make sense of the dream messages is still caught up in the “I’m a caterpillar” reality, so the whole thing makes no sense.

So what is the solution to this dilemma?  Good question.  I have been asking for guidance on this and working with some very gifted healers.  I don’t feel like I have the complete answer, but here are a few tips to at least point us in the right direction:

1.  Focus on where there is harmony.  This isn’t the time to keep struggling with the fact that your teeth seem to be unable to chew the leaves you keep cramming in your mouth.  Instead, feel the relief and release that occurs when you open and close your wings.  Keep your attention there and really feel the pleasure of this simple act.  If we keep our focus there, eventually we are going to lift off which will eliminate the problem of the leaves we can’t chew!  What does this mean outside of the metaphor?  Focus on where you feel relaxed and at ease in your life.  Keep your thoughts and your attention on what is going well and what feels good.  The good feeling will spread and when it spreads, the situations that didn’t feel so good will no longer require your attention.

2.  Soften your grip on “reality.”  The fact is our reality has changed.  The more we can accept that reality maybe isn’t as “written in stone” as it always seemed, the more we can allow our brain to accept the changes that have occurred.  Think about those stories of miraculous things happening.  What if they were simply a result of choosing one reality over another?  Yes, I realize this sounds like something in a movie, but on the other hand, maybe those who are using their creative faculties are tapping into something that has its basis in truth.  We all have our own realities don’t we?  My perception and yours of the same situation or circumstances is never going to be exactly the same because we are processing it through different filters.  Perhaps we just need to shift to a filter of love to move into the reality we want.  Maybe just accepting that it is all just point of view will help us do that more easily.

3.  Be gentle with yourself.  Take it from the expert on trying to shove oneself through change.  All that happens is you get stuck and you feel lousy.  Be kind to yourself and patient.  Make friends with your fears and insecurities.  Make friends with your confusion.  As we accept they are “what is” in this moment, we allow another “what is” to step into being.

4.  Breathe in sync with the Divine.  It is all about coming into harmonious resonance with our Divine nature.  As we come into this resonance, we come into harmony with all that is and resistance falls away.  How do we do this?  Spend as much time as you can close to the Earth.  When we are in nature, our breathing naturally syncs with the flow of energies coming to us from the natural world.  We come into sync with our true essence and in doing so come into sync with the Divine within.  Pay attention to your breath.  Are you breathing deeply and fully?  Are you letting your exhale be longer than your inhale when you feel stressed?  This simple technique is incredibly powerful (and much thanks to my gifted healer friend, Polly Legenza, for reminding me of this!).

5.  Ask for help.  I’ve been asking my Spiritual Support Team of Angels and Guides to go before me into the experience of living in this new way.  I ask them to transform and transmute all chaotic energies into streams of harmonious vibrations.  I ask Archangel Michael to set up my energetic system in the highest and best way to keep me as comfortable as possible during this transition.  I ask to be connected to the Earth energies that are most supportive and helpful to me at this time.  I figure this has worked beautifully for me when I’ve gone into new places or situations.  It should work for this too!

Here are a few ways you can get some more help (and join with others who are in the process of writing the owner’s manual for these new wings!):   Empowerment Circle-Dreams:  Offering additional spiritual insight and guidance about the messages of your subconscious.

Earth Sanctuary Program:  An ongoing program to bring our energetic system into resonance with Mother Earth and in so doing, allow us to finally be free of our caterpillar ways!

Wednesday 1/23/2013 is the registration deadline for both of these options.

In closing, one final piece of advice.  All questions can always be answered with love.  Let Love lead you.  It will never steer you wrong.

Blessings to you and yours!



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