Morning Musing: Harmony and Resonance for 2013!

Happy New Year!

Below is a Morning Musing that came through when I asked for guidance about 2013.  I believe we will be “feeling” our way through 2013, instead of “thinking.”  In doing this, we will be learning how to come into harmonic resonance with our true natures, with the Divine and with the Earth.  Great abundance is available to us as we begin to come into resonance with love and turn our attention away from the dissonance created by fear.  The vision, reflection and intention below came through as personal guidance.  I share it because I believe I am not alone in this journey and that those who resonate with what is shared need this understanding as well.

My wish for us all is a year filled with increasing harmony and resonance.    I will be sharing a monthly “passport” to support us all through this process based on the monthly themes that came through during a reading I did for this year.   As we work with these themes, we will grow more adept at operating in harmonic resonance with ourselves and our world.  This will allow us to evolve into our truth and take up our responsibilities from a place of love and alignment.

Here is the Morning Musing for 2013…

I am walking on the Earth’s surface. Rock plates shift and move as I walk. The plates come together, but never quite meshing. As I walk, I feel solidness when I stand in the center and uncertainty when I stand on the edge. I look ahead and see a glowing orange light coming up between the cracks as if the rock plates float on a sea of lava. The scene stretches as far as I can see. I feel a sense of despair as I look into the distance. Will the path always be this uncertain and unstable? Stairs appear out of the sky. They are pearl white and glowing. I step on to the lowest step and hear the pure, clear note. I feel the sound vibrate through my body shaking off the heaviness. I step onto the second step and it glows green. I hear a higher note and again feel it reverberate through my body. I look up and see there are 100 steps. I look back and see the lava seeping between the cracks below. There is no option except to keep climbing.


I have been shown the image of the steps in the sky many times. Each time, I am advised to climb them. Always, when I do, I find my body relaxing and everything feeling more light and peaceful. So why do I keep finding myself back on the layer where such drastic change is occurring? I asked this question of Archangel Michael and this is what I heard, “You are searching for parts of yourself you have been unable to bring home. When you feel yourself pulled into the changing landscape of the shifting realities, remind yourself that in truth you are already whole. Choose to allow those parts that have been separate to find their way to you. Cease searching for them in the lands where they were lost as they are there no longer.”

The vision continues…

I climb the rest of the steps and each time I hear a clear, pure note, and see a color. My body relaxes and becomes more at peace. As I reach the top, I look back. The ground is so far below that I can no longer see it. I turn back to the golden door before me and turn the handle. As I step through, I hear a song of all the notes that I encountered during the climb. I taste their color, as all the colors I encountered weave into a harmonious whole. I feel my cells, my blood, my mind, and my heart synchronize and align. For one glorious moment, I feel in rhythm with myself and with all life.  “Hold on to that, I hear.  Remember it. It will give you courage as you journey home.”

Reflection continues…

How do I journey home when I can feel all the resistance in me? “Focus on the harmony. Feel the places of harmony. Feel the places where your are already in resonance. This will strengthen that song and the song will spread. Stop right now and feel. Where is the music in you singing purely? Use your abilities to focus on that. The time of wrestling with the resistance is over. Let your soul song sing through your entire being. Even if you can only hear it in the tiniest corner of yourself, focus there. Find where the song within is reflected without. Feel the love that flows between you as this resonance occurs. Light the pathway within your own being and it will light the pathway of your soul’s destiny. Use your power to CHOOSE what you resonate with. You must CHOOSE as this we can not do for you.”

I close my eyes and feel for the place of harmony within me. I turn my attention away from the areas of tightness and fear. I listen to the inner song. As I feel it flow through me, I listen to the sounds around me. I hear the sounds beneath them. The sound of the wind and the leaves stirring. The sounds of the Earth.

“Align with those I hear. FEEL them. LOVE them.  Align with the subtlety.  This is the path for you to follow this year. Tune your inner ear to the rhythm, to the harmony, to the subtle presence of all that is in all that you encounter. It is there in all of it. You just have to learn how to LISTEN with your inner being and ALIGN with its song.”

I see a whale swimming through the ocean waters. As it swims, I feel the different temperatures and currents within the water. I feel how it aligns itself with the current that is in harmony and in doing so it flows smoothly. The water shifts and moves and the whale moves with it, as a flock of birds adjust itself magically in synchronicity with all those in its flock. “Weave with the currents of life Nancy. Feel the underlying rhythm, move to its voice.”

I Intend…

I come to my heart chakra. I feel a deep love for the Earth, for God, and for myself. I feel that love extend in all directions, filling my Auric field with the pure light of God’s love. I breathe in this love. I breathe out this love. I breathe in. I breathe out.

I come to my seventh chakra, the place of connecting with the Divine child/purest love. From this place, I choose to come into resonance with love. To embrace and connect my own inner harmony with the Divine, with my physical self, and with Mother Earth. I breathe in Divine love. I breathe out Divine love.

I come to my root chakra, to the home of my inner child. I imagine myself experiencing this resonance with love. I feel the joy and relief of my inner child as I imagine being in harmony with myself and therefore with all of life. I breathe in love for my inner child. I breathe out love for my inner child.

I come to my sixth chakra where I meet with the Divine beings who guide my path and the wisdom of my highest self. I intend that I be Divinely guided in the smoothest, simplest path to manifest my intention of being in resonance with love. I ask that I be Divinely inspired and directed to bring this state of being into my physical experience with ease. I breathe in Divine Wisdom. I breathe out Divine Wisdom.

I come to my second chakra, the home of my Inner Mother. I intend that the Wise Mother within me will allow me to receive the joy of harmony. I pray that it will provide the fertile ground for this resonance with love and life to live in me. I pray that it will nurture and guide me, so this resonance and harmony grow. I breathe in Wisdom. I breathe out Wisdom.

I come to my fifth chakra, the home of the Divine Father within me. I ask that the Divine speak through me in all that I think, say, and do. I ask that my will and the Divine’s will be one. I ask that my inner song and the Divine’s come into resonance and harmony reigns. I breathe in Divine Will. I breathe out Divine Will.

I come to my third chakra, the home of my Inner Father. I ask that my Inner Father take action as Divinely guided to bring about this resonance with love. I ask that my Inner Father provide the discipline and structure I need to keep my focus on harmony instead of dissonance in myself and my life. I breathe in this power, I breathe out this power.

I come back to my heart. I breathe in my love for the Earth. I breathe out my love for the Earth. I breathe in my love for the Divine. I breathe out my love for the Divine. I breathe in my love for myself. I breathe out my love for myself. I choose of my own free will to resonate with love. I choose to find and listen to the inner harmony that is my true essence. I choose to come into resonance with the Earth and all that live on it. I choose to come into resonance with my Divine Nature and the Divine in all its expressions. I choose be a pure note in the song of Mother Earth.

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Love and Blessings to You and Yours!


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