Morning Musing: Unconditional Love and Ostriches

OAs I continue to work with the concept of living a more heart-centered life, I find myself uncovering areas of resistance in connection to love.  Love is an interesting thing.  We talk of love all the time, but I am beginning to realize that much of what we consider love isn’t really love at all.  How often do we “love” someone based on how they treat us or what they bring into our lives?  Isn’t it true that our love is often conditional?  And when love is conditional, then allowing ourselves to accept love becomes a bit more challenging.  What conditions come with the gift?  Are we willing to pay them?  These questions lead to the creation of filtering mechanisms that interfere with our ability to be in the flow of true love.  I believe love should flow in and out of our systems as easily and as unconsciously as we breathe.  When love is conditional, we are unable to let it flow because we are afraid that it brings with it things we don’t want.  So how do we change this pathway and step into the experience of true love, one that is unconditional and whose sole purpose is to be in the flow of all that is?

I asked for guidance and this is what came through…

“See everything and everyone as a gift chosen specifically for you to bring you what you need.”

As I sit with these words, I find myself feeling conflicted.  It feels difficult to accept the things that feel painful or hard as gifts After a bit of wrestling, I end up where I always do – acknowledging and then surrendering to Divine will.  When I choose to align my will with God and trust that everything will be as it needs to be based on that, I find a measure of peace that I can’t seem to attain any other way.  With this in mind, it occurs to me that if I see every circumstance and every individual in my life existing as it does because it is in accordance with Divine will (which is also my will as my soul is in agreement with the Divine!), there is a level of acceptance that comes.  If I believe (which I do) that we are deeply loved and guided by the Universe, then doesn’t it follow if I am choosing to allow this loving Source to guide me, that the circumstances I find myself in challenging or otherwise were designed because they are what I need?  That doesn’t mean that they have to stay the same, but in the moment can I trust that the situation is ideal for my growth to allow me to experience the full expression of who I am?  In that place, can we look with love on those in our lives or with love on ourselves?  Can we see that are loved ones are also on a journey of self-discovery and like us find themselves in situations and relationship dynamics that feel uncomfortable or confusing at times?  Are we able to see that accepting it all is the path to true peace and the pathway to bring about the changes we long for?

Finally, I asked for guidance as we go forward with this concept, knowing that at least for me, this is a work in progress.  Here it is…

The Vision…

I see an ostrich with pink tail feathers.  It has an almost cartoon-like appearance and the back feathers are very fluffy and whimsical.


When I looked up ostrich in Animal-Speak Pocket Guide by Ted Andrews it said, “Be practical and grounded with the new knowledge coming to you. Assimilate knowledge before acting on it.”  With these words, and the pink feathers, I feel the message is to be patient as we learn to love in a higher form.  Bringing these concepts into Earth-plane reality requires some work and it is important to stay grounded in the process.  It also is a reminder to approach things from a child-like place.  When we see the delightful in the outrageous, love will be easier to accept.  So today, I will be patient with myself as I learn to love myself and others more unconditionally.  I will align with Divine will and see God’s hand in all areas of my life.  I will smile and see the delightful incongruities of life.  Today, I will love and allow myself to be loved, to the best of my ability.

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours! 


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