Invoking a Better Tomorrow Audio Recording

Below is a message and audio recording I sent out to my community members earlier.  I felt that I should share it here as well.  Love to you all.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the shooting in Connecticut at this point.  I felt guided to create an audio recording for our community in connection with this event.  I believe that after we have processed our feelings about this event, loved our feelings and sent love to those suffering, it is time to set a very clear intention for what we want to see manifest.  This just under 10 minute recording is an intention setting meditation to manifest a country where love leads, a country that is truly heart-centered so that all who live here are safe.  A place where our children are safe, not because they are protected by those with bigger guns or locked away in a prison-like place, but because there is no threat to them.  I know that at the moment this seems like a pipe dream.  I feel though that the only way that is going to change is if we demand the change happens.  I am not talking about storming Washington.  I’m talking about within us, choosing consciously to create a country that is heart-centered and where love rules.  That’s what this meditation is about.  It is all of us, coming together, to invoke the creation of such a place from the power of love.

If this appeals to you, I invite you to listen to the meditation.  The link is available on this page:  12/14/2012 Recording

Much love to you all,


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