Age of Light: Techniques to Transition with Ease!

starAll year we’ve been hearing about the new energies coming in and the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/2012.  All range of theories have been discussed about exactly what that will mean for us as a species.  What I’ve been told intuitively is that an energetic change is occurring that will allow us to evolve at a much faster rate as a species.

If you look at any species, you will see how over time they have adapted to changes in their environment so that they are able to survive and thrive.  We are no different.  Over time, human beings have changed to adapt to their environment.  In some ways though, we have not changed.  Our DNA is still wired to react with the fight or flight responses we needed during the cave man times when the threat of dangerous predators was a daily occurrence.  In our modern society, the reaction of fight or flight rarely works for the threats we face on a daily basis (most of which are emotionally threatening rather than physically).  My understanding is that the new energies that have been coming in all year and that will be completely present by 12/21/2012 are providing us with the opportunity for a significant change in our wiring to occur.  This shift won’t be complete on 12/21/2o12, but the new energies that will make it easier for us to make this shift (as well as give us the push we need to do the work to make it happen) will be fully present at that point.

So, contrary to the fear-based theories out there, I don’t feel we are about to disappear as a species.  I just feel our species is going to look a bit different (though the changes won’t be noticeable to the naked eye).  At the beginning of the year, I was shown an image of caterpillars marching up the side of the Earth.  When they reached the top, they would transform into butterflies.  Eventually, the number of butterflies was large enough that the Earth tilted and the rest of the caterpillars “slid” into the butterfly stage (whether they were ready for it or not).  That is a metaphor for what I think is happening right now.

So what can we do to experience this transition with as much comfort and ease as possible?  The simple answer is to keep focusing on love.  Fear creates stiffness and resistance.  It tightens and shrinks.  Love causes the opposite response.  It softens and relaxes.  It stretches and expands.  We all know what it feels like when you try to exercise without stretching first.  Tight muscles tear.  So, our goal here is to relax and FLOW with the changes instead of fight them.

I know this sounds beautiful on paper, but when it comes down to the brass tacks of living on this planet, staying in love just isn’t always that easy to do.  There is help here though.  Below are a few simple techniques I’ve been employing to help myself stay balanced (and they seem to be making a big difference).  I’m also going to offer a special empowerment circle to provide targeted guidance to help you integrate the new energies with ease and empower your own evolution.  Check out the suggestions below:

Tips for the Transition Period

Protect Your Energy Field:  Fear is flying around quite strongly now as it is being pushed out of our systems.  You can avoid having it attach to you by asking Archangel Michael to set up your energy field in the highest and best way for you to be comfortable and relaxed through this shift.  I’ve been asking to have liquid quartz poured over my Auric field to filter.  Today, I was told to add a layer of Black Tourmaline crystal as well. Black Tourmaline is a very powerful filter and will repel or transmute any lower vibrating energies or emotions.  You can also imagine standing on the Black Tourmaline Crystal and asking it to purify your system.  I’ve been feeling a huge sucking sensation as it pulls negative energy and emotions into the Earth to be recycled.  Feel like you need some help with all of this?  Just ask Archangel Michael to do it for you (and give him permission to make adjustments to your Auric field as needed to keep you comfortable and safe).  Daily cleansing rituals are also a good idea.  Epsom salt baths, nature walks, smudging, or using crystals are helpful tools.  Archangel Michael and the Angels can also be asked to cleanse and clear your system.  I do this every night before I go to sleep.

Love Your Fears:  I know I’ve been saying this all month, but it is really a powerful tool.  For instance, my family had $2500-$3000 of unexpected expenses this last week.  As you can imagine, this generated a lot of anxiety financially.  The first step I had to do was acknowledge how scary it is to see money flying out at that level in one week.  Then I had to move to loving my fear of not having enough, loving my fear of lack, and loving my fear that this would continue indefinitely.  After I felt the energy settle from that, I was finally able to start focusing on the financial abundance I choose to bring in instead.  So what happened?  I’ve been feeling much more at peace about our finances.  Also, money has been coming in from unexpected sources (I swear some of it is just appearing in my checking account without logical explanation!).  I’ve also found myself feeling grateful that we have the money to pay the bills.  That is abundance in itself.  Give it a try with any fears that come up for you.  It really helps!

Take Care of Yourself:  Listen to your body.  If it is tired, rest.  If it needs to move, then exercise or go for a walk.  If it needs food or water, then take a break and give it what it asks for.  Spend as much time as you can close to the Earth.  When we are connected to the Earth’s energies, the process becomes gentle and easy.  We are part of nature and therefore our systems must know exactly what is needed to evolve here.  We just need to get our mind out-of-the-way and let it happen.  So remember, listen to your body.  It is wise!

Use the Techniques Shared in the Weekly Wisdom Readings and Audio Recordings I’ve been sharing energetic techniques and meditations to support this change with my community members.  A new reading and recording comes out Monday.  Membership is $5/month if you’d like to join and receive this information.  This month, I’ll also send new members the last few readings and recordings, so you have these valuable tools to use through 12/21 and beyond as we begin to work with the new energies that are bringing about our evolution.  To Join:  MEMBERSHIP

Other Techniques:  Yoga, yoga mudras, deep breathing, nature walks, calming crystals, regular exercise, drinking lots of water, and getting a massage or energy treatments are also tools that will help.  My Sanctuary colleagues offer wonderful services at this link: SANCTUARY or check out my AMAZON STORE for my favorite tools and books.

Finally, I’ve included below the details for a special Empowerment Circle I am offering to give you some intuitive insight and energetic support to provide guidance for you as we step into this new age.  The deadline to register is TUESDAY 12/18/2012 and the recording will be sent to you on WEDNESDAY 12/19/2012.

 Empowerment Circle – Flowing into the Age of Light

The time between 12/12/2012 and 12/21/2012 is a very important period of time bringing in new energies that will usher in a new age.  I’ve been shown intuitively that the best way to integrate these energies and flow into this new age is to stay centered in love, so that any fear related resistance can be dissolved.  I felt guided to offer a special Empowerment Circle this week which will provide spiritual guidance about what you need to know to make the most of this opportunity and also empower you in the time that follows.  The Empowerment Circle recording includes:  Brief Prayer and Group Intuitive Message on the process of ascension, Individual Intuitive Messages and Interpretation, and an Intention setting meditation to help you manifest a smooth transition. Cost:  $10 (Sanctuary Soul Friend Members), $12 (Non-Members).  Deadline to register is TUESDAY 12/18/2012.  The recording will be sent out on Wednesday, 12/19/2012.    To learn more about how Empowerment Circles work and to register:  EMPOWERMENT CIRCLES

Wishing you all a smooth transition and abundant joy!


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