Techniques to Manage Anxiety

I had a panic attack in 2002 and after spending two long years fighting anxiety, I find that it is the experience I dread the most when something upsetting happens.  If I could keep my sense of calm as I deal with things that feel challenging, I would navigate them so much easier.  After all, the reason we experience anxiety is because the body is flooding with hormones to allow us to fight or flee. So often, neither of these options is appropriate in the modern-day challenges we face.  So how do we change this pattern?  Here are a few tools that I’ve found to be very helpful.

1.  Love the fear.  I realize this seems like a crazy idea.  Why on Earth should we love the fear that is making us suffer?  Here me out though.  I found myself saying “I love the fear because it is the teacher” over and over when I was feeling some anxiety.  Suddenly, I realized that the fear had vanished!  This makes sense doesn’t it?  How can we experience fear and love at the same time? Truly we can’t.  Love sends a message to the body that all is well. It sends calming, soothing hormones through the system. It opens and flows.  The breathing slows and the muscles relax.  Fear sends the message that we are in danger. When it arrives, our body tenses and tightens.  Breath shortens the organs are lifted up under the rib cage and our senses go on high alert.  We are ready to fight or run for our life.  Clearly, these two responses are completely opposite. So when we focus on love, the body gets a message that contradicts the worry we are experiencing.  It allows us to relax and deal with the situation calmly.  I suspect focusing on love in any direction will be helpful too.  I think though that when we can stop fighting fear and seeing it as the enemy it loses its power to harm us.  So LOVE THE FEAR!

2.  Try Yoga Mudras. I am very grateful to Mary Maynard who shared this tool with me twelve years ago when I was in the height of my anxiety struggles.  Yoga mudras are simple hand postures that you hold for about three minutes.  They work with the energy points in the fingers and hand to balance the energy system.  I have found them 100% effective for me in settling my nervous system when I’m feeling anxious.  My favorite author for these is Sabrina Mesko (Power Mudras:  Yoga Hand Postures for Women and Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands).

3.  Be out in nature.   The minute I step outside it is as if everything gets put into perspective.  It clears away the drama of the mind and restores peace.  Sitting by a tree or actually stretching out on the ground can be enormously calming.  The Earth really does provide everything we need to be well (physically and energetically).

4.  Invoke Divine Support.  Call in all the Divine support that is available to you when you are feeling anxious.  Imagine the room filling with Angels.  Ask that you be connected to the Earth energy that is highest and best for you to receive to help restore calm and well-being.  Allow yourself to receive and turn the whole thing over.  Let the Divine handle the situation and trust you will be motivated if there is some action for you to take.  This is so powerful and works every time!

I’m offering a Health Empowerment Circle this week if you’d like some specific help to support you with anxiety.  You can learn more here:  Empowerment Circles

Wishing you a peaceful day!


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