Divine Input on Coping with Health Challenges

This week, two of my loved ones received some unsettling news at the doctor.  In both cases, a routine test showed something abnormal.  While I am confident that they will get what they need to bring things back into balance, I also know the process of this can be deeply unsettling.  The feeling of having something out of your control is so difficult to manage.  I prayed on this and asked for some guidance on how to go through these places where there is so much fear.  How do we keep our balance as those who are watching or those who are going through the health challenge?  We all know that being stressed isn’t good for our health and yet news like this instantly creates stress.  With all things, there is a solution, so let’s get some Divine input and discover what that is for this situation.

The first thing I see is a gold stool with three legs.  It is about two feet off the ground and has a lower bar around the middle.  I’m watching as someone tries to replace one of the three legs with different substances.  First, they try a wood leg, then a stone leg, than a leg made of plant fiber. In each instance, the stool becomes unbalanced, no matter how much adjusting is done to make the legs level.  I’m feeling the frustration as these different options are tried.  Why won’t anything work?  As I watch from a more detached place, I find myself wondering why we took the gold leg off in the first place.  Wouldn’t it be best to just leave it on?

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the three aspects of our being (often shown to me on a triangle).  At the top is the child (which represents love).  On the right is the masculine self (power) and the left is the feminine self (wisdom).  As I look at this stool, it seems to me that the masculine leg is the one that we’ve removed.  We’ve been living for a very long time in a world where power has been wielded without first being infused with love and wisdom.  When this occurs, we become out of balance.  So how is this true as we consider our own inner world?  Have we allowed the active, male energy within to wield its power without first being sure it is used to protect love and wisdom?  Is this what has caused the imbalance?  I believe that it has and yet the solution is not to weaken the male energy.  If we weaken our power, then the whole again becomes out of balance.  This isn’t a time for any of the three elements within to be more dominant than the other.  It is the balance and harmony between them that allows us to function optimally in this human experience.

So what does this mean right now in our everyday lives?  How do we use this information to bring balance to our systems as we go through often unsettling changes?

I hear, “Begin with love.”  What would we love to see happen in the situation? 

I would love for myself and those I care about to be healthy and well. 

I hear, “Invoke wisdom next.”

I invoke Divine wisdom and my own inner wisdom to guide me to manifest this experience and to allow me to experience it.

I hear, “Invoke power.”

I invoke the Divine and my own inner power to motivate me to take the steps and actions needed for this to be my reality. 

I hear, “Experience it.” 

I come to my inner child and imagine how she feels as we live in a place where there is no fear of illness or death.  My loved ones are healthy and well.  I am healthy and well.  I feel my inner child curl up and sleep peacefully.

I come to my inner mother who gently covers my inner child with a blanket and gently touches her cheek.  She sits down before a warm fire sipping fragrant tea and rocking gently as she looks out the window. 

I come to my inner father who comes from outside carrying an arm of firewood and food for us to eat.  He puts the items down quietly, so as not to wake the child.  Stopping to be sure the blanket is up around her shoulder and she is comfortable.  He comes to the mother and adds wood to the fire so she is warm.  She hands him a cup of tea and they sit together watching the snow fall gently.  Peace reigns.

I hear, “It is time to let it go.”

I come to my heart and sit in a place of allowing love.  I allow myself to love.   I allow myself to receive love.  In love, I send out this prayer.  Let my intention manifest.

I pray it is so, and so it is!

I feel the intention take root and also shoot into the sky as a star!

I hear, “Come now and take our hand.  This is the time of remembering.  This is the time of remembering.  This is the time of remembering.” 

I see myself in a field surrounded by Divine beings and beautiful animals.  The Earth pulses beneath my feet and the sun shines directly overhead.  I hear, “Do you remember?  Do you remember? Do you remember?”  And as I let my mind slip away and look with my other sense, I do remember.  I remember what is real.  There is Divine order in everything.  I see that my loved ones also have a gold stool.  I see that they too are guided in how to bring balance to their beings.  I see they too are deeply loved and protected.  I also see that they too are committed to their own health.  Nothing is random.  There is no disorder.  What happens, happens because there is something to be healed.  It comes to bring us where we wish to be, where we wish to rest.  It comes to remind us WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE.  TRUST yourself.  TRUST your body.  TRUST your heart.  TRUST the Divine.  You are deeply loved.  You are never alone.  We are love and we come from love.  Love is where we rest.  Love is where we stay.  Love is where we wait. Remember, remember, remember…all is well, all is well, and all is well.”

I see the gold leg being replaced on the stool.  I see my inner child sitting on it.  The gold is warm and comforting.  I feel the soft grass beneath bare feet and watch as a bluebird lifts its voice in song.  The sun shines, the air is warm, and the day is new.  All is well.

Love and blessings to you all!



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