Enjoy the Holidays! A Technique to Empower Sensitive Souls

For those of us who have a more sensitive nervous system the holiday season is often a mixed blessing.  The increased exposure to other people’s emotions and energy can be exhausting, not to mention all the preparation that can sometimes leave us frazzled.  Over the last year, I’ve learned some techniques that have really helped me to avoid overload.  I’ve decided it is time to apply them to the holidays.  Would you like to join me?

So let’s begin…

Imagine the holiday festivities are passed and you are quietly contemplating how they went.  Imagine that this year, it was the most joyous, peaceful, and happy time you have ever had.  Really let yourself feel the joy of this.  It really happened! This time, you had a really enjoyable experience without the stress!

Now let’s look at how this happened.  What made it so special?  Why weren’t you feeling exhausted and glad the whole thing was over?  Because this time, you CHOSE how you wanted it to be and enlisted some Divine support to make it so.

One of the things that I have found so helpful as I have learned how to be highly sensitive/empathic is to set a really clear intention for what I want to experience and invoke Divine support to make it so.  I’ve used this when traveling, going to the store and attending events with lots of people.  I’ve shared it with my clients too.  It works like a charm!  I’ve added a few more steps to this as I’ve recently learned a new technique to involve all of our system (using the chakras, the energy system of the body) when setting an intention.  The combination of these approaches will really set a very clear intention and invoke all the support we need to make it happen!

 Begin by placing your hand on your seventh chakra (at the crown of the head) and repeat…

I intend to be a hub of peace this holiday season.  I will be content, comfortable, relaxed and enjoying all the simple pleasures of the season.

Place your hand on your sixth chakra (middle of the forehead) and repeat…

I invoke Divine Support to intuitively guide me to create this experience.  I ask the Angels to go forth and set up the environments I will be in so they are harmonious to my being.  I give Archangel Michael permission to adjust my energy field as needed throughout the season so that I remain comfortable and at ease.

Place your hand on your fifth chakra (throat) and repeat…

I allow the Divine to speak through me in all that I think, say and do so that I am a hub of peace for myself and others.

Place your hand on your root chakra (tailbone) and repeat…

My inner child feels happy and safe this whole holiday season!

Place your hand on your second chakra (lower abdomen)…

 I invoke my own mother wisdom to nurture and support myself, so that I do experience a joyous holiday season.

Place your hand on your third chakra (solar plexus) and repeat…

I invoke my own father power to protect and support me by motivating me to have good boundaries and to take good care of myself.

Place your hand on your fourth chakra (the heart) and repeat…

I trust my heart and let it lead.  I am filled with love for myself, my world, and the Divine. 

Finally, invoke the Divine to make it so…

I pray that it is so, and so it is!

Feel the intention as it energetically manifests.  I usually see a star shooting up into the sky and a seed going down into the Earth at the same time.   Your intention is set and ready to manifest on the physical plane!

Remember to use all the tools you have learned as you go forth this holiday season.  If you start to feel uncomfortable, invoke the Angels to make the adjustments needed energetically both in the space and in your system so you feel more comfortable.  You are self-contained with your energy field on a different plane.  No need to fear being overloaded…that was the old you, the new you doesn’t do that anymore.  Try the affirmation, “That was then, this is now!”

For some additional support:

 Meditation for a Great Day:  This nine minute recording will walk you through the process of setting up your energy system in the highest and best way for your day.  It will also lead you through the process of invoking Divine support to go forth and clear lower vibrating energies in the places you are heading.  To learn more and/or purchase:  GREAT DAY RECORDING

Establishing Energetic Boundaries Recorded Class:  This 30 minute recording will lead you through the process of setting up energetic boundaries, so that you are no longer connecting into the energy field of those around you (connecting this way is what causes overload!).   To learn more and/or purchase:  ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!


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