Understanding “Ghost” Energies

For those of you who may not have read about my healing journey to Sedona, let me just share the reason I’m writing this article.  Apparently, when I was very little, some ghost entities attached themselves to my system.  I was a wide open empath and wasn’t able to shield myself (think of the movie Sixth Sense).  Somehow, these entities became part of my coping mechanism for something I wasn’t able to cope with.  Now, forty years later, I am all grown up and have learned how to take care of myself as a sensitive person.  As I’ve worked to bring integration to my system, these no longer wanted guests began getting in my way.  Through a series of healing sessions, I was finally able to clear these entities and am now learning how to function in my system without all the extra baggage.  I’ve had a few questions come up on this topic from those who have heard my story, so I thought I should go ahead and share what I’ve learned.  Keep in mind that I am by no means an expert on this topic.  I’m simply sharing my own experience, the Divine guidance I’ve received on the topic, and what I’ve learned from others through my own healing process.  I am 100% in the business of empowering people, not scaring them, so I hope this information gives you some peace of mind around this topic.

What are ghosts?

My experience with ghosts (both the ones I had connected to me and the ones that I have helped cross) is that they are souls who refuse to move on to the next plane of existence.  They usually are holding on because they fear what comes next or feel they don’t deserve to go.  Some stay because they believe they can protect the living.  When I’ve helped these lost souls cross into the light, I’ve found that sending love to them and helping them see that this experience on this plane is complete and what it needed to be.  Our souls make contracts with other souls for specific reasons, to learn specific things.  Sorting that all out is something we really can’t do fully from this plane.  My feeling is that those who stay on as ghosts are in a holding pattern.  They are choosing to stay until they come to the place they are able to let go of whatever false belief holds them here and move on.  I don’t feel anything is random, so if some souls stay for a while, there must be a reason for it.

I sometimes feel a deceased loved one nearby.  Does this mean they are a ghost?

Probably not.  I’ve connected with those who have crossed over to the other side during readings (and my own grandmother visits me frequently).  These beings have left this plane and are not ghosts.  They are simply coming back to visit or to bring their love to a particular concern or issue.   What I’ve been shown about how this works is a bit complicated.   Using the metaphor of water for our soul essence, I was shown that our soul is like a large lake.  When we come to this plane we incarnate as one drop from this larger lake.  Albert Einstein said there really is no time as we know it.  Therefore, everything is really happening all in the same moment.  My sense is that your loved one can be here as you need them while also being elsewhere following the next stage of their own journey (and perhaps in more than one “elsewhere” too).  Complicated and confusing I know!  I choose to see it just like it is with those still living.  If I am feeling unsettled, all I need to do is think of my good friend Lori and I can feel her with me.  She may be hundreds of miles away and completely unaware that she is helping me, but she is still able to be there for me.  Just as Divine beings such as the archangels and Jesus can be with many people at once.  Confused?  Keep it simple. Love connects us to all that we love.  This is true no matter what state of being we are in.  Ghosts are trapped in fear.  Their energy is very slow and uncomfortable to be around.  Their presence isn’t usually soothing or reassuring, even if it is a loved one.

Why do ghosts sometimes “attach” to the living?

Well, from what I’ve learned from Jaap Van Etten and Joel Bruce Wallach, my understanding is there is something mutually beneficial in the connecting.  Have you ever noticed how when you are struggling with a particular type of personality, you keep drawing people with that personality into your life?  Or if you are feeling weak in a particular area in your personality, you find yourself partnered with someone else who is strong in that area?  I feel the same thing happens with ghosts. We are trying to work through a particular pattern that is no longer serving us or we find ourselves in a situation that we are unable to cope with.  Other people help us to work through these things and my experience suggests that it includes those who haven’t crossed as well.  When we are vibrating at a higher level though, we are less likely to attract lower vibrating assistance.  Love more and fear less to stay away from this issue.

Is there a way to prevent lower entities from attaching to you?

Absolutely!  In my situation, the “ghosts” had attached when I was a very little girl (2 or 3 years old).  I have been working on integrating my inner child and I believe what happened is that I’d fragmented myself to keep these entities out of my core.  I was unable to integrate my child self because I didn’t realize she needed to be separated from these shadow energies.  Once they cleared I was able to integrate my inner child again.  What this suggests to me is that the shielding and intentions I have in place are working. They wouldn’t allow the entities to enter my system at that level because I had a clear intention that they wouldn’t be able to (and my vibration being higher also helped).  A simple way to do this is set a clear intention that everything that enters your system always be filtered through the highest Divine source (through LOVE).  Personally, I’ve set this intention for EVERYTHING.  That includes things that come into my system physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

 What if I think I may have an entity already attached?

Sometimes you can simply insist it leave.  Joel Bruce Wallach recommends imagining you have a special tool (I use an Angel feather) and when you touch the shadow space that represents the entity it is forced out of your system and into the light (I have also used the image of a vulture pushing the entity up into the sun).  My situation was a little more complicated, so I needed some expert help.  Jaap Van Etten and the Earth energy of the vortexes did the trick.  I’ve included links to both of these excellent healers who can help if you feel this is a concern at the end of the article.

 Did having entities connected to your system affect your ability to do readings? 

No.  I say a prayer before ever reading that requests that I be a clear and perfect channel for Divine love and wisdom.  During this process, I’m aligning myself with the Divine and asking that God speak through me.  I have set a very strong intention that everything that comes into my system be filtered through the highest Divine source.  When I asked my Spirit Guides about this concern I heard, “Lower Vibrating Entities don’t teach empowerment!”  My focus is always to empower people through love, not fear.  I feel very comfortable that nothing less has ever occurred in any reading that I’ve done.  I do feel though that the ghosts were sapping my energy.  I’ve found I have a greater capacity for doing this work then I did before.  I’m also guessing I also learned to have more compassion for those suffering from fear, anger, sadness, abuse, or grieve because of the challenges this situation brought in my own system.

 I’m interested in connecting with a loved one who has recently passed.  Is this something you do?

Occasionally, a loved one will come through that has crossed during a reading.  When that occurs, it is only because what they are there to share is somehow connected to the concern of the person I am working with.  If you are specifically looking for that type of reading, there are many people who offer that type of service.  My focus is to spiritually empower those who come to me to nurture themselves, discover and grow their own unique gifts, and to support them in living their life purpose.  My focus is to work through whatever issues need to clear to bring peace and well-being in the present moment.  How can I help you connect to your own true Divine essence and life purpose?  I use my gifts to help others see things from a spiritual viewpoint, using metaphor and energy techniques to help shift the situation in the direction the person wishes to go.  I feel it is important to keep my focus on what I feel is my work and working with those who haven’t crossed isn’t it.

 Here are some resources for those of you looking for help in this area:

Jaap Van Etten :  http://www.lemurantis.com/index.html

Joel Bruce Wallach: He has a bundle of recordings that includes one for removing ghost entities.  Here is the link:  http://cosmic-living.com/inner-oneness-mp3-bundled-set-unite-your-fragments/

For guidance on Earth Plane relationships:  This Week’s Empowerment circle topic is relationships!   Empowerment Circle (Nancy Nicholas)

*A recorded call that provides a specific message containing spiritual insight into a relationship

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