Morning Musings-Guidance for today!

This is the Morning Musing entry for today.  The Morning Musing entries came about because I wanted to ask for Divine Guidance for my day.  I use the vision/metaphor and the intentions I set based on what comes through to keep me focused on what I want to experience.  I thought you might find it helpful too, so here is today’s message (and “today” is whatever day you come upon this!)!  I also felt it was important to mention that for this vision, you may find yourself identifying with any of the four focus images (lizard, snake, cactus, or fountain).  The key is to honor whichever speaks to you for today, so that you are giving yourself what you most need.

The Vision…

I see a fountain in the middle of a desert.  The water is shooting high into the air and comes back to rest in the pool surrounding the fountain.  All around the wall of the pool is sand.  I see a rattlesnake resting on a nearby rock and a lizard on the edge of the pool.  A saguaro cactus is nearby.

The Reflection…

The creatures in the vision are all comfortable and suited to living in the desert.  The saguaro cactus has the ability to store all that it needs.  The fountain is there but it isn’t providing anything for the environment around it since the water is contained.  If the fountain were to overflow, it would change the environment.  It would no longer be a good home for the cactus, lizard and snake.  There is a feeling of each image being self-contained.

The Intention…

Today, I will allow God’s love to flow through me and nourish every part of me.  I will accept that not everyone will be called to experience the Divine in the way that best suits me.  I will remember that each of us is able to experience exactly what we need, when we need it, and that isn’t always the same thing. 

I pray it is so, and so it is…

Blessings to you and yours!



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