Morning Musings-Guidance for your Day!

Good Morning!

This is the Morning Musing entry for today.  The Morning Musing entries came about because I wanted to ask for Divine Guidance for my day.  I use the vision/metaphor and the intentions I set based on what comes through to keep me focused on what I want to experience.  I thought you might find it helpful too, so here is today’s message (and “today” is whatever day you come upon this!)!

The Vision…

I see an alligator resting on a warm river bank.  I watch as it slides down the bank through some cattail and into the brown water of the river.  It swims lazily along with only its eyes and the tip of its nose showing. 

The Reflection…

My sense of the alligator is that it feels very content and comfortable.  The sun and the earth beneath it felt warm and pleasant.  The feel of sliding into the cool water was also soothing.  There is a sense of being completely at ease and being a master of its world.  It knows it is a powerful predator and has no fear or concerns as it enjoys its day.  Rivers hold a few different meanings for me.  Water is often associated with the unconscious and the emotions.  Rivers are also how I see the life journey.  The cattail are a plant that has many uses.  To me, they bring up a feeling of peace and well-being as they remind me of time spent relaxing by the water.

The Intention…

Today, I will let myself feel like the alligator in my own world.  I will feel at ease and confident that I have all that I need within and around me to thrive.  I will remember that there is no need to struggle or to rush.  I will rest in my own power and an environment that is ideal for me.  I will be confident in my ability to navigate my emotions and what they reveal of my deeper self.  I will remember that like the alligator, I am the master of my world.

I pray it is so and so it is…

Have a beautiful day!


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One thought on “Morning Musings-Guidance for your Day!

  1. Thank you, Nancy. I love this. So perfect. – Anne

    Anne Wondra

    Soul and wellness coach | 262-544-4310

    Here you get to Be,Become, Rename, and Celebrate your Truest, Greatest, Most-powerful, Beautiful Self! Love your life. It matters.

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