Morning Musing-Guidance for Your Day!

Good Morning!

This is the Morning Musing entry for today.  The Morning Musing entries came about because I wanted to ask for Divine Guidance for my day.  I use the vision/metaphor and the intentions I set based on what comes through to keep me focused on what I want to experience.  I thought you might find it helpful too, so here is today’s message! 

The Vision…

I see a lynx snarling.  It has sharp teeth and tufts of fur on its ears.  I see a lynx kitten at its feet.  It keeps walking between the front legs of its mother.  It feels safe and unafraid because its mother is there.

The Reflection…

Lynx are found up North where there is snow.  Snow makes me think of repressed emotions or “cold” feelings. They are silent hunters and hard to see.  Looking at this image, I notice a few things.  One, there is a sense of anger in the mother.  She is clearly telling someone or something to back off.  There is also the complete trust of the cub in its mother’s ability to protect it.  It is unconcerned and able to be playful and relaxed.

The Intention…

Today, I will remember I have the mother lynx and cub within me.  I will protect my inner child from cold or harsh situations. I will remember that I am Divinely protected at all times and in all circumstances.  I will have faith in this, so I can be like the cub and feel safe, protected and at peace.  Today, I will take good care of myself and remember I am well equipped to do so, even when conditions are colder than I like.  I will remember that I can blend in and be silent and unobserved when I need to.

 I pray it is so, and so it is… 

Have a beautiful day!


PS.  I didn’t put a date on this because I believe whenever you find it is exactly when you need it.  Wishing you many blessings!

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