Morning Musings-Guidance for the day!

Good Morning!
I’ve been asking for Divine guidance each day to give myself a focus and I thought you might find it helpful too! I find it really helps to put yourself in the perspective of the animal and see how it connects with what you are working on in your own life. Wishing you a day filled with joy!

The Vision…

I see a bat at dusk chasing after mosquitoes and eating them.  The bat has a big belly and is clearly well-fed.  The mosquitoes are thick in the air.  There are so many of them that the bat could never eat them all.  The bat feels very satisfied and peaceful.  All is right in its world.


Bats hunt by echolocation instead of using their eyesight. This makes me think of using an additional “sense” to get what I need instead of the five traditional ones.  The bat is also in the perfect location to get what it seeks.  The skills it has match perfectly with the prey it hunts.



Today, I will rely on my own special abilities to help me get what I need.  I will trust that I will be guided to my own right place where being uniquely who I am will work perfectly.

I pray it is so, and so it is…


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2 thoughts on “Morning Musings-Guidance for the day!

  1. Awesome! Kind of what I have been doing every day. I believe in it! Thanks. I love getting these messages.

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