Make Transitions Easy (Even Back to School!)

The school where I taught for the last 18 years starts up again next week.  Such a mix of emotions this brings for me!  School, after all, has been part of my life for 37 years if I include my own time as a student.  There is a certain conditioning that happens after that many years of following the rhythm of school life.  I feel like an explorer about to set off into uncharted waters.  It is both thrilling and a little scary.  What does the world look like without the ever-present routine of school? 

Of course, as a highly sensitive person (someone with a more sensitive nervous system), school was often a difficult environment.  The noise, inability to be alone, and lots of different energy sources can be very challenging for those of us who are HSP’s or those who are more introverted in nature.

For those returning to the school routine either as a teacher, student, or parent, I asked for some Divine advice to make the transition easy.  Parents can do this practice for their child, if they aren’t able to do it themselves.  These tools can also be used for anyone going into a new environment (or even into a familiar one) to help you enjoy your day.

Here are the tips…

Send the Angels First 

Whenever we are entering a new space, it is a good practice to invoke Divine Support to clear the space for us.  A simple prayer to use is, “I invoke my Angels and ask them to clear and cleanse the (insert name of space where you are going) and transform and transmute any chaotic or disruptive energies into harmonious vibrations.”  This will help lighten and adjust the energy, so that it is comfortable.

Next, ask the Angels to set up the energy of the space you are going to in the highest and best way to be compatible with your system.  Ask them to set up your energy system in the best way, so you can be comfortable and at ease.  Finally, give your Spiritual Team permission to make whatever adjustments are needed throughout the day to allow you to stay safe and comfortable energetically all day.

Set a Clear Intention for the Day

What do you want to experience today?  Imagine a triangle.  At the top of the triangle is what you want to experience.  For example you might say, “I want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful all day long. I want to love my day!”  Then invoke Divine support to make it manifest with ease and promise yourself that you will allow yourself to have an amazing day!  I created an audio recording to walk you through this process.  It’s free and available here:  Quick Support-No Fight or Flight!

 Pay Attention to your Breath

When we are nervous it is easy to start breathing shallowly.  Pay attention to your breathing and remind yourself to take deep breaths with long exhales.  If we have a longer exhale, then inhale, the body gets the message that we are relaxed.  You can also imagine breathing in love (really feel it fill every cell with love energy) and then breathe love back out to the world.

Wishing you a joyous return to school (or wherever the road takes you!)!


PS. Need some more help with this?   MEDITATION FOR A GREAT DAY

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