Audio Meditation for a Great Day!

Good Morning!

I just created a nine-minute meditation to help you make everyday a day you love!  Details are below:

Meditation for a GREAT DAY!

MP3, length: 9:41

This nine-minute guided meditation can be used daily to help you…

  • Set up your energy system in the highest and best way for the day ahead
  • Create a harmonious energetic space for all the places you will be spending your day
  • Set a clear intention, invoke Divine support, and commit to your intention for your day

This meditation can be used for yourself or to help a child or loved one.

PURCHASE (Be sure to click on “Complete Payment” or “Return to Crossroads Coaching” to be directed to the download link)

To download, you will RIGHT click on the Meditation by Nancy Nicholas” and select “save link as.” Then choose where you’d like to save it to on your computer.



PS.  I created this with all my teacher, parent, and student soul friends in mind as they head back to school!  Wishing you all a GREAT year!

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One thought on “Audio Meditation for a Great Day!

  1. Awesome idea! Love it! – Anne J

    Anne Wondra

    Soul and wellness coach | 262-544-4310

    Here you get to Be,Become, Rename, and Celebrate your Truest, Greatest, Most-Excellent Self! Love your life. It matters.

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