Winds of Change-Message for July

The winds of change are sweeping through our world in an unprecedented fashion.  You may not see the changes occurring with your eyes but they are occurring nonetheless.  Each of us are being called to let go of false beliefs, old emotional patterns, jobs, relationships, or anything that is not in alignment with our Divine Life Purpose.  Why?

Because a time of change has come in which we are being called to live from a place of love.  For most of human existence, we have reacted to fears. We have used our wits, our physical reflexes, and our ingenuity to prosper in the harshest of circumstances.  We have created amazing things through this process.  Now, we stand at the brink of a time in which reflexes honed by fear no longer serve us well.  Now, we are asked to begin using other skills, other gifts to walk in a place of love.

So how do we go about this?  I hear, “Where do you love?  Where do you love? Where do you love?  Make all choices from this place and this place alone.”  Fear fights hard to remain as it feels itself being banished.  It is easy to believe we are trapped and that the battle cannot be won.  It will, it must be won, through focusing all the power of our will on what we choose to experience.  Each moment is simply that.  What do you choose to experience today? How can you plant the seed of love in someone’s heart?  How can you lift the veil of darkness that clouds the sight of man and replace with the clear vision of truth?  Act from this place.  Live from this place.  In so doing, you usher in a new age for us all.

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Spirit Earth Coaching offers life coaching and vibrational healing for those seeking empowerment in their health, relationships, life purpose, or career.

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