An Intuitive Message for the Week!

Each week, I ask for an intuitive message for the members of my Sanctuary Soul Friends Community.  In celebration of June’s Abundance theme, I thought I’d share it with you as well!  The way I do this is to ask for an image that is a metaphor about the week ahead.  Sometimes I also hear some guidance connected to the image.  The best way to work with the message is to read the image and than see what connections come to mind for you.  I’ve shared my interpretation as well.  I hope you find it helpful and that you have a wonderful week!

The metaphor…

I see an Angel’s wing, bright sunshine, and water.  The wing has water droplets dripping off of it that are so filled with sunlight that it seems to be sunshine dripping off the Angel’s wing. 

I’m hearing, “This week will be filled with wonder.  Allow the light to fill your heart and to clear off your Angelic vision.  See what cannot be seen.”

My input…

Jennifer Hoffman mentioned that even stronger energies will be moving in during this month.  I’ve been receiving a lot of guidance about how things work as these new energies move into our world.  Before, I’d set a goal and then take a lot of steps to get there.  This method usually involved a lot of hard work and stress.  Now, I’m finding that the way that works best to manifest is to set a clear intention, invoke Divine support, and make a commitment to myself to allow this to enter my experience.  I’ve been using this method a lot (and we’ll be working with it tonight on the Empowerment Call).  Every time I’ve used it, it has worked!

 The image that came through today reminds me of this new approach.  I was shown a triangle to use as a symbol for this technique.  The top of the triangle is the Angel wings which speak of our connection with our soul.  The right side of the triangle is represented by the sunlight which is about our power and yang/male energies.  The left side of the triangle is the water which symbolizes working with feminine/yin energies and letting things flow.  To me, the image is about complete balance.  Spirit, Mind, Heart working in harmony.  When we bring all three into agreement, miracles occur!

 I’ve been doing this myself by setting a daily intention along with setting more long-term intentions.  What type of day do you wish to experience?  Set a clear intention for this, then invoke all the love and Divine support you can receive to manifest it with ease.  Finally, promise yourself that you will experience the day you seek because you deserve it.  Ask the highest Divine source to make it so and so it shall be!

If you’d like to practice using this method by setting an abundance goal for the month, join me on tonight’s empowerment call. Here is the description:

6/12/2012 at 7PM- 8PM E.S.T., Abundance Empowerment Call with Nancy Nicholas:  I will guide you through a meditation where you will connect with your own Spiritual Support Team of Angels, Guides, and Archangels to spiritually and energetically create abundance in the focus area you choose (health, romance, financial, career fulfillment, etc).  I’ll also be providing intuitive insights for volunteers and sharing a technique you can use for manifesting with ease!  The call will be recorded for those who aren’t able to make it.

You can join the call as a guest this month (and receive the link to the recording if you can’t make it tonight).  Just send me an email if you’d like to join in (

Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “An Intuitive Message for the Week!

  1. Nancy
    This was a beautiful image and message. Thanks for
    sharing your inspiration with us. I concur that the
    energies are changing and light is stronger in this world.
    We are blessed to have you among us!
    Linda Schiller-Hanna

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